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How to take a good Instagram photo with your phone

There have been over 50 billion photos posted on Instagram since its launch and it is...Thursday, 7.15.2021

The truth behind social media and smartphones addiction

There is some psychology behind society’s excessive use of social media and mobile...Thursday, 7.15.2021

Are you addicted to smartphones and social media?

Do you think there is a possibility that you are addicted to your smart phone? Many...Monday, 7.12.2021

Top 7 best smartphones for people 2021

We did not get hung up on expensive flagships and chose models from different price...Saturday, 7.3.2021

Clear your mind and overcome stress by not using social media on your smartphone

Have you ever noticed that you get a little nervous when your smartphone is too long...Tuesday, 6.8.2021

Awesome tips and tricks about your phone you didn't know about

Despite the amount of time we spend on our phones, there are a surprising number of...Saturday, 5.29.2021

From Tablets to Smartphones: Capabilities and the best size for you

Today there is a computer for every size and need. Let’s break down everything from...Thursday, 5.27.2021

How to use your smartphone to save money

Did you know that you can also use your smartphone to help you save money? Your...Wednesday, 5.26.2021

Top 12 workable tips to research better using only your smartphone

Do you want to arrange better research? Use these basic 12 research tips to become a...Friday, 5.7.2021

Top 6 essentials for every bedside table

Once you get comfortable in bed, it gets irritating if you have to get out again. Here...Friday, 4.23.2021

Top 4 tips to help you get the most out of your Instagram followers

There are ways in which you can revive your Instagram account. Here are the top 4 tips...Wednesday, 4.21.2021

Useful tips to overcome Internet addiction

This depends on the information storm that follows us everywhere and the more intensive...Saturday, 4.17.2021

5 reasons why cell phones should be banned in school

Parents and teachers often quarrel about the necessity to carry mobile phones in school....Monday, 4.12.2021

5 top tips to help you become a successful online learner

A few simple strategies will help you to organize your time and workload effectively so...Monday, 4.5.2021

Advantages and disadvantages of smartphones for students

A survey found that 95% of students in secondary and higher education have smartphones...Thursday, 4.1.2021
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