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Biometric security: Exploring the future of mobile authentication and protection

If you’re not already using biometrics to lock your mobile device, you should consider... Tuesday, 2.27.2024

Mobile evolution: A journey through the technological advances and future trends for your security

The mobile has transformed the way we live. Following the mobile evolution, a... Thursday, 11.30.2023

How technology and AI can help students learn

How technology and Artificial Intelligence can help students learn more efficiently.... Tuesday, 8.22.2023

The future of Artificial Intelligence

In the future, Artificial Intelligence may be able to take on some of the most... Saturday, 4.16.2022

Mobile-Centric innovation dominates the gambling industry

Compared to video gaming globally, mobile gaming has an important place in the gaming... Tuesday, 1.29.2019

Mobile app development: Basic strategies and latest trends

The main trends for the next two years will be definitely on blockchain technologies and... Wednesday, 8.29.2018

The importance of a speedy mobile site

It is vital to businesses in retaining existing customers and attracting new ones that... Tuesday, 8.7.2018

Huawei provides free gaming update that enhances your phone

A free update that adds more power to your phone while helping it to be more economical... Saturday, 8.4.2018

Send free SMS with the ICQ application on your smartphone

Send free SMS text messages through the ICQ. Application for smartphones is present in... Sunday, 7.20.2014

ICQ is back in times of WhatsApp

Famous 14 years ago, the ICQ application is back to compete with WhatsApp, Line and others Monday, 7.7.2014

Transparent gel speaker reproduces music with great quality

Harvard scientists create transparent gel that plays better sound quality than current... Friday, 8.30.2013

Nokia will use technology capable of change the focus after you take the picture

Nokia will use Pelican Imaging technology that allows high-resolution photos with... Tuesday, 4.30.2013
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