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6 best free ebook reader apps for iOS and Android

Having an E-book reader on a smartphone or PC has become necessary for anyone...Tuesday, 8.20.2019

6 apps for beating exam stress

The exam period is difficult for any student. Here is a list of applications that...Tuesday, 6.25.2019

8 must-have mobile apps for 2019

We have drawn out a comprehensive list of 8 must-have mobile apps - which will...Thursday, 6.13.2019

3 of the best apps to boost your IQ in 2019

These exercises can not only help you sharpen your brain but also help to boost...Friday, 3.8.2019

Here's how new mobile technology trends are changing app development

This means that mobile technology has evolved towards simple interfaces and...Tuesday, 3.5.2019

Top apps to keep you entertained in 2019

Mobile apps are a great way to entertain ourselves, relax and unwind after the...Thursday, 1.31.2019

10 mobile apps that will make your life more fun

This list compiles 10 great mobile applications for you to enjoy life, anywhere, at...Sunday, 10.21.2018

What are the best ways to watch sports on your mobile?

Here are some of the best apps for keeping up to date with live sports as well as...Sunday, 10.21.2018

A review of two online casinos that are major fun on mobile

Let’s look at each of these two major casinos and find out whether their popularity...Tuesday, 8.7.2018

Must have apps for any horse lover

Their app is packed full of all the tools you need to ensure you get as close to...Tuesday, 8.7.2018

What can we expect from mobile apps going forward?

However it is likely that there are a lot more surprises in store for us when it...Sunday, 8.5.2018

5 nifty smartphone tips for travel

Your smartphone can make travel as easy as pie; all it takes is a little preparationSaturday, 8.4.2018
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