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miniThursday, 12.13.2018

What are the laws governing iGaming?

The world of iGaming is a large and complex

miniThursday, 11.15.2018

Console to desktop to mobile: The evolution of gaming

It’s clear that the mobile gaming niche is booming, and the rise isn’t going to stop anytime soon

miniWednesday, 10.24.2018

How to get the most out of your phone's battery

You should be able to use your phone as you wish without it running out of battery quickly

miniSunday, 10.21.2018

10 mobile apps that will make your life more fun

This list compiles 10 great mobile applications for you to enjoy life, anywhere, at any time

miniSunday, 10.21.2018

What are the best ways to watch sports on your mobile?

Here are some of the best apps for keeping up to date with live sports as well as watching some of the biggest leagues in the world

miniSaturday, 10.6.2018

Can you use a VPN on your mobile?

Using a mobile VPN, you shut down any possibility of people looking at your internet connections

miniWednesday, 9.26.2018

Is it really safe to pay with PayPal and PayPal mobile?

PayPal is safer to use than using a bank or credit card account when making a purchase online

miniThursday, 8.30.2018

How mobile gaming has changed in the past decade

While this boom in mobile gaming hasn’t negatively affected the sales of PCs and consoles, it has affected other industries

miniWednesday, 8.29.2018

Mobile app development: Basic strategies and latest trends

The main trends for the next two years will be definitely on blockchain technologies and artificial intelligence

miniThursday, 8.23.2018

The most innovative mobile games of summer 2018

The summer of 2018 has unveiled some truly exciting and innovative new mobile games to be played on the go

miniTuesday, 8.7.2018

Will India become number one in the mobile gaming world?

India are proving such a hit that the mobile gaming company Nazara Technologies is planning on investing $20 million dollars over the next five years

miniTuesday, 8.7.2018

A review of two online casinos that are major fun on mobile

Let’s look at each of these two major casinos and find out whether their popularity is deserved

miniTuesday, 8.7.2018

The importance of a speedy mobile site

It is vital to businesses in retaining existing customers and attracting new ones that they provide a fast mobile experience

miniTuesday, 8.7.2018

Must have apps for any horse lover

Their app is packed full of all the tools you need to ensure you get as close to the horse racing action as possible

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