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miniFriday, 7.6.2018

3 ways on how to do an iPhone spy control in 2018

As for the present moment, there are two ways to achieve the iPhone spy goal

miniFriday, 7.6.2018

3 types of iPhone tracker apps to secretly spy on someone's location

The market for monitoring solutions is full of offers for iPhone tracker

miniMonday, 7.2.2018

Will the ASUS ROG smartphone change mobile gaming forever?

ASUS ROG is a little different than other smartphones on the market as its main focus is on mobile gaming

miniMonday, 7.2.2018

Online gaming set to dominate and bring $96 billion by 2024

Market research has predicted that, by the year 2024, the online gaming industry will bring in over $96 billion

miniMonday, 7.2.2018

How mobile apps are helping industries appeal to millennials

Millennials are a huge portion of the population, encompassing people born in the 1980s, 90s and early 2000s

miniThursday, 1.19.2017

Super Mario Run will be released for Android in March

Previously Nintendo had not disclosed when Super Mario Run would be made available to Android users, but finally Nintendo revealed the release date

miniWednesday, 8.12.2015

Doogee X5 with Android Lollipop and quad-core is sold at a reduced price

The Doogee X5 is considered the cheapest smartphone of the market with Android Lollipop and quad-core processor

miniTuesday, 8.11.2015

TCL P332U: 4G smartphone for less than $ 80

The TCL P332U smartphone is a cheap option for those looking for a device with 4G technology LTE

miniSunday, 7.26.2015

Doogee F3 Octa-Core is already on sale for $149

The Doogee F3 Chinese smartphone with Octa-Core 64-bit processor and Android 5.1 Lollipop appears for $149

miniTuesday, 7.21.2015

Japanese girl creates light ring to take selfies in low light places

Japanese photographer creates light ring to take well-lit selfies with the front-camera

miniSaturday, 7.18.2015

How can refurbished mobile phones save you money?

People trust brand names but they do not know that there are ways by which they can save money and get the same branded technology for lesser amount

miniMonday, 7.13.2015

Tablet Chuwi Vi7 with Android 5.1 Lollipop brings new 64-bit Intel Sofia

The 64-bit Intel Sofia processor of Chuwi Vi7 has video card ARM Mali 450 with 4 cores and latest Android version

miniMonday, 6.29.2015

Motorola and Apple flaunt stunning displays and powerful performance

Smartphones and tablets all the rage and becoming increasingly popular, the demand for better mobile and online applications has meant that major companies have had to largely extend their boundaries

miniThursday, 6.18.2015

Know the location of your child in real time with the LG GizmoPal bracelet

The LG GizmoPal bracelet for children makes phone calls using a single button and provides location via GPS

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