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3 tips about smartphones that are the preferred option for Canadians who want to have fun on the go

Do you like to have fun online? We selected 3 things about smartphones that make them... Wednesday, 10.25.2023

Are you looking for a virtual escape room experience like no other?

Want to leave smartphone games aside for a moment? Maybe you like different challenges... Sunday, 12.12.2021

The most popular phones that can be equipped with ANOM revealed

The police use several different devices in different countries, but the most popular... Thursday, 7.29.2021

How to take care of your phone

If you have just got a new phone, then you will probably want to ensure it lasts you a... Friday, 4.30.2021

3 tips for giving support to an incarcerated family member through a phone call

Giving support to an incarcerated family member through a phone call is beneficial to... Tuesday, 2.9.2021

How to get the most out of your phone's battery

You should be able to use your phone as you wish without it running out of battery quickly Wednesday, 10.24.2018

Japanese girl creates light ring to take selfies in low light places

Japanese photographer creates light ring to take well-lit selfies with the front-camera Tuesday, 7.21.2015

Shopkeeper buys stolen iPhone and tries to sell to smartphone owner

The shopkeeper was arrested during the negotiation of the iPhone with the smartphone... Monday, 7.21.2014

Samsung discloses official Galaxy S5 commercial

Scheduled for worldwide release from Samsung for next April 11, Galaxy S5 appears on... Wednesday, 4.9.2014

Tips for smartphone battery last longer

See tips to save phone or tablet battery and discover the myths around the battery.... Tuesday, 12.31.2013

Galaxy Note 2 earns battery that lasts three months and 256GB external memory

User jerry-rigged his Galaxy Note 2 phone allowing 16 times more external memory and... Monday, 7.22.2013

Congratulations on the first PhoneMore anniversary!

First year of PhoneMore with many achievements and novelties Saturday, 1.19.2013

Project Glass: see the video and understand the bet of Google

Augmented reality, interaction by voice and gestures are the attractions of Glass... Thursday, 4.5.2012
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