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4 potential signs that your phone has been hacked and what they each could mean

To protect you from malicious intervention into your phone, here are the main indicators...Friday, 8.26.2022

5 ways you are being tracked and how to stop it

In this digital world, all our activities are monitored and tracked, yet we have the...Wednesday, 8.24.2022

5 key considerations when storing customer data for your mobile app

There are several options available to help you protect your customers sensitive data...Friday, 6.24.2022

How to keep your phone safe from online threats

There are many security apps that can help protect your phone from malware and other...Tuesday, 6.14.2022

Buy signal jammers - Who needs it?

Signal jammers allow you to secure the communication of all devices within their range....Tuesday, 5.24.2022

Clever ways to avoid smartphone identity theft

When a cybercriminal is able to access your personal data, he or she could impersonate...Friday, 9.3.2021

How to protect your online data while using your phone

In order to protect your data while using a smartphone, you need to do more than just...Thursday, 7.22.2021

5 high-tech ways to keep your US home safe

You can get services that use whatever smartphone, high tech security you already have...Monday, 7.19.2021

7 online security mistakes you cannot afford to make

A security mistake can cause harm to your mobile phone in many ways, like destroying...Thursday, 6.3.2021

Keep your customers safe with these data protection tips

The main reason for many cyberattacks is that these businesses often do not have the...Thursday, 5.27.2021

Practical ways older adults can secure their smartphones against cyber threats

Read this post to discover how older adults can safeguard their smartphones from the...Thursday, 5.20.2021

Top 3 truly free VPNs: give it a try in 2021

Nowadays, it seems hard to find a VPN service that is free and safe at once. Read the...Wednesday, 5.12.2021

Top 5 safest phones for daily use

The importance of mobile gadgets may mean danger for us too. What if your device will be...Thursday, 4.29.2021

Reasons why you should backup your phone data

If you are not sure whether you need to backup your device or not, check out this...Tuesday, 4.20.2021

How can you recover lost data from a USB flash drive?

Various reputed data recovery software is available on the internet. If you do not want...Monday, 4.5.2021
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