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Have data that needs backup? 5 G Suite Backup Tools every admin must know about

Data loss can happen due to any number of reasons including accidental and...Friday, 11.15.2019

Can quiz apps pose a threat to your Android security?

Various Android quiz apps extract data from users. Can Android quiz apps be...Tuesday, 7.2.2019

Free VPN can be even worse than no VPN. Learn why.

The users should be aware of the existing security risks that come with free...Tuesday, 7.2.2019

How to use parental control applications to manage teens

A parental control app will enable the parents to know the whereabouts of their...Wednesday, 5.29.2019

What is data transfer and why should everyone backup their data?

What is data transfer? Data transfer is the act of transferring one data to a...Wednesday, 5.29.2019

Dealing with Android malware

In the first quarter of last year, there were over a million different malware...Saturday, 3.16.2019

5 safe ways to manage secure documents

All businesses deal with sensitive information and documents relating to clients....Saturday, 3.16.2019

Can you use a VPN on your mobile?

Using a mobile VPN, you shut down any possibility of people looking at your...Saturday, 10.6.2018

Is it really safe to pay with PayPal and PayPal mobile?

PayPal is safer to use than using a bank or credit card account when making a...Wednesday, 9.26.2018

Are your mobile apps leaving your smartphone vulnerable to hackers?

They narrowed this down to 57 apps and they identified the possibility of open...Saturday, 8.4.2018

Know the location of your child in real time with the LG GizmoPal bracelet

The LG GizmoPal bracelet for children makes phone calls using a single button and...Thursday, 6.18.2015

Verizon Galaxy S3 has locked bootloader but it didn't do any good

Verizon has locked the bootloader on the Samsung Galaxy S3 but it's been rooted...Sunday, 7.8.2012
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