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Securing your IoT devices: Tips for network security

When it comes to network security, ensuring the safety of each and every device also... Thursday, 5.25.2023

Is it safe to anonymize yourself using Tor: A mini guide

Tor is one controversial web browser due to many misconceptions that surround it. People... Thursday, 3.30.2023

Common topics related to blockchain security

A blockchain has no single point of failure. Even if a node in the network fails, the... Tuesday, 2.14.2023

Cybersecurity in healthcare

Healthcare businesses should take measures to strengthen their security strategy,... Wednesday, 2.1.2023

How Google knows what you've been doing online

It is important to understand what data Google collects from you and how it is used. If... Sunday, 1.15.2023

How to secure your work devices

Cybercrime is on the rise, and although you might imagine you know what a dodgy email... Thursday, 1.12.2023

Simple tips on how to secure your phone in 2023

To protect against this type of security breach, it's important to use strong, unique... Tuesday, 12.27.2022

Did you recently purchase a new phone? Here is how to keep it safe!

Keeping your phone safe includes many different things. We will take a look at some of... Tuesday, 11.8.2022

4 potential signs that your phone has been hacked and what they each could mean

To protect you from malicious intervention into your phone, here are the main indicators... Friday, 8.26.2022

5 ways you are being tracked and how to stop it

In this digital world, all our activities are monitored and tracked, yet we have the... Wednesday, 8.24.2022

5 key considerations when storing customer data for your mobile app

There are several options available to help you protect your customers sensitive data... Friday, 6.24.2022

How to keep your phone safe from online threats

There are many security apps that can help protect your phone from malware and other... Tuesday, 6.14.2022

Buy signal jammers - Who needs it?

Signal jammers allow you to secure the communication of all devices within their range.... Tuesday, 5.24.2022

Clever ways to avoid smartphone identity theft

When a cybercriminal is able to access your personal data, he or she could impersonate... Friday, 9.3.2021

How to protect your online data while using your phone

In order to protect your data while using a smartphone, you need to do more than just... Thursday, 7.22.2021
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