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HarmonyOS 1.0

Tablets, smartphones and phones with HarmonyOS 1.0. All about the version HarmonyOS 1.0 operating system for mobile devices


HarmonyOS (HMOS) (Chinese: 鸿蒙; pinyin: Hóngméng) is a distributed operating system developed by Huawei for smartphones, tablets, TVs, watches, and other devices. It has a multikernel design with dual frameworks.

Enterprise / Developer:Huawei
App Store: AppGallery
Number of applications:1,000,000
OS Kernel:Linux
Version: HarmonyOS 1.0
Version release date: August, 2019
Version information:

Introduced with in-house development using Ark Compiler with HiLink SDK and the HiLink Studio IDE for third party apps in LiteOS kernel environment with comprehensive programming languages support on screen and screenless devices.

Devices/smartphones with HarmonyOS 1.0 OS

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