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Why is my phone Internet so slow? 5 possible reasons

Just why is my phone internet so slow? This is the #1 question on your mind if you're having difficulties downloading stuff. We have the answers.


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Tired of asking yourself, "Why is my phone internet so slow?" You're not the only one.

These days, most of us connect to the internet via our phones. This is why the download and upload speeds on mobile are constantly increasing. With gigabit coverage expanding globally, this trend is set to grow even further.

Still, our phones sometimes act like they didn't get the memo. Here are the 5 main reasons why your phone internet is slow -- and what you can do about it!

1. Slow Network

At home, the main reason for slow internet is the lack of bandwidth. Your apps and devices hog the bandwidth for themselves, and many of them run in the background. Here is what you need to know to address this issue.

In public, your phone may latch onto a particularly slow Wi-Fi hotspot. Even if you move into range of a better hotspot, your device will refuse to connect to it. The solution: set the Wi-Fi network priority on your phone.

2. Poor Router Position

A Wi-Fi signal has a maximum range of 230 feet, and it gets weaker the further it travels. If you're a distance from your router and there are obstacles in the way, your speeds may get quite slow.

One way to test this is to look at the Wi-Fi icon on the phone. If the icon appears more empty than full, your signal is weak. Fix this by moving closer to the router or by putting the router in a more suitable place.

3. Wi-Fi Congestion

If you live in an apartment, your router is likely just one of many crammed into a small area. In most cases, those routers will work on the same channel. This can lead to congested Wi-Fi for everyone.

The good news: you can find out which channel other Wi-Fi networks are on by using scanning software. Once you find that out, you can move to a less congested channel by changing your router's settings.

4. Bad 4G Coverage

Most of us use Wi-Fi to access the internet, since it's cheaper and easier on a phone's battery. If you do switch to mobile data, you expect fast speeds. Well, there are a few reasons why this may not be the case.

For example, the distance from the nearest tower can affect your phone signal. The same applies to bad weather and crowded spaces. If you're having issues on a consistent basis, speak to your carrier.

5. Slow Phone

Finally, slow phone internet could just be a by-product of a slow phone. On older phones, the hardware and software may take more time to load a page. Even if your internet speed is fine, you might perceive it as slow.

Of course, this goes for high-end devices as well. Again, too many apps downloading in the background can take up too much of your bandwidth. If you have an Android, consider using a download manager.

Why Is My Phone Internet So Slow?

As you can see, "Why is my phone internet so slow" is a complex question. If none of the above tips help you, consider using a VPN. This encrypts the connection between a Wi-Fi hotspot and your phone, making it faster.

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