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What is logistics visibility and why is it important?

With the assistance of supply chain management, you can turn logistics into a competitive advantage. Every day, logistics ensures that customers get what they want and need.


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This term is intended to ensure that you can see your whole supply chain at a glance. Despite how simple it appears, this assignment is difficult to do. Many firms have experienced supply chain issues as a result of harsh weather, natural catastrophes, industrial fires, and other factors.

People frequently blame these situations on a lack of understanding about the supply chain. Corporations were sometimes unaware of critical linkages in their vast supplier networks. Businesses face the same issues when attempting to resume operations following the COVID-19 lockout.

What Is Supply Chain Visibility?

One approach to assess supply chain visibility is to be able to monitor raw materials and components from suppliers to consumers. It refers to the process of following items from the moment they are manufactured until the time they reach their final customers.

Why Is it Important?

They are now quite sophisticated. In 2017, almost 600 high-level global supply chain professionals participated in a Geodis global supply chain assessment, and supply chain complexity was a major barrier to understanding what was going on in the chain. Fewer than 6% of those polled indicated their organization had a complete awareness of all supply chain-related concerns within, outside, and within the company. Most of the firms questioned felt it was critical that their items be accessible and delivered on time. Companies with a wealth of knowledge about their supply chains outperformed those without interventions. This demonstrates how critical it is to have effective supply chain visibility.

This demonstrates how critical it is to have a comprehensive perspective of the logistics visibility service and how it may assist organizations.

Who Manages Logistics Visibility and How?

It is critical not to conflate the two notions because they are both significant and cannot be separated. A number of things change between the two, such as how they function, what they can accomplish, and what they obtain. Supply chain management considers everything from sourcing to processing to final delivery to clients. At a higher level, logistics visibility software considers the transit and storage of commodities between enterprises in a supply chain.

With the assistance of supply chain management, you can turn logistics into a competitive advantage. Every day, logistics ensures that customers get what they want and need.

What Need to Know Before Starting Implementation Logistics Visibility Software

According to research conducted by the World Economic Forum: Supply chain interruptions have a negative impact on share prices of 7% on average. Suppliers that don't know where their items are going are more likely to experience supply chain issues.

People are still keeping track of their supply chains using spreadsheets and information from emails and phone conversations. This paper-based technique is wasteful and ambiguous, resulting in lower productivity, more money spent on working capital, and a greater chance of error.

Preventing supply chain interruptions is critical if you select the right logistics visibility software vendor. If a company spends money and effort by dealing with the incorrect technology provider, the consequences might be disastrous. Before you join up for a service, ask yourself the following questions.

The Service Provider Platform and Alerting System

Natural catastrophes, labor unrest, transportation delays, political instability, cyberattacks, and pandemics are just a few of the things that may go wrong with supply networks. To deal with these ever-increasing difficulties, businesses must employ technology to aggregate information and accelerate reaction times.

When you employ an integrated supply chain visibility system, everything is in one place. This implies that you can track and trace a supply chain from beginning to end all around the world.

Executives in your supply chain may access this data from anywhere at any time and receive immediate warnings if there are any issues or delays.

Intelligent Analytic Availability

This form of data analysis will be important in supply chain business intelligence in the coming years since it can be proactive and predict what will happen in the future. Improved lead times, transportation efficiency, and the capacity to track and trace items are all required for effective supply chain operations. We make it easy to determine which supply chain performance levers to look at in order to make effective decisions.

It should also assist the firm reach its long-term goals while also improving its competitiveness. As a result, this expert supply chain visibility solutions team will assist you in discovering new ways to improve and save money.

Platform Security and Safety

The most critical consideration is security. It is becoming increasingly typical for cyber assaults to result in monetary loss and reputational harm to an organization. When considering collaboration, ensure that the platform you'll be using respects your privacy and has a robust IT infrastructure created with assistance from around the world.

The Level of Coverage and Interoperability

A comprehensive enterprise-wide visibility solution must cover a lot of terrain and be able to integrate with other systems. There are Internet of Things devices that can track and trace things, but they aren't very good because they only measure a few things, such as pressure or temperature.

People who operate with multimodal transportation networks include freight forwarders, shipping lines, airlines, terminal operators, and others. Here are some examples of how to get started. A supply chain is not feasible since everyone has their own system and there is no way for them to collaborate. When you collaborate with your logistics visibility company, they will receive data from all of your partners as well as your own ERP or TMS system. Because of this method, people should be able to access a variety of mobility alternatives and coverage in a variety of locations.

Track and Trace Systems

Many monitoring and tracing systems offer powerful data visualization features, but many of them lack the data quality required to provide an accurate picture of what's happening in a particular location and time. A wide variety of data quality may be discovered from a wide range of sources, allowing you to obtain a wide range of data kinds. Many times, new data streams must be digested, cleaned up, and standardized before they can be used. As a customer, you want a provider who can work with a variety of data formats in order to construct an accurate and usable platform.

It's also crucial to remember that objectivity is essential. There must be a plethora of other sources of information in addition to the data that your supply chain visibility service provider currently possesses. To address the issue of inconsistent data, you must employ a software solution that does not rely on third-party logistics suppliers.

Market and Economy

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