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What free plagiarism checkers e-learning professionals can use to detect fake content?

The problems often occur because the majority of candidates lack self-confidence and as a consequence, plagiarized content is regularly seen. Let’s check out what free plagiarism detectors.


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During the time when technological equipment is being constantly used by many different communities and with sometimes not similar purposes, plagiarism, in general, has been drastically present. Niche where its utilization reaches its maximum capacity is, of course, writing. Unfortunately, a lot of people are not convinced in their skills related to this occupation and some of them are brave and resourceful enough to look for such solutions as plagiarism. It is something that e-learning professionals are faced with all the time. Usually, they represent a group of people whose goal is to provide others with useful learning experiences that are delivered electronically. By this method, they are also helping students in organizing training events, learning new programs, starting self-courses, etc. But problems often occur because the majority of candidates lack self-confidence and as a consequence, plagiarized content is regularly seen. Therefore, let’s check out what free plagiarism detectors e-learning professionals can use in order to keep them away from the utilization of such programs.


Duplichecker is probably the most popular free plagiarism tool that people frequently use. Among dozens of such programs, this one has shown as the most consistent in terms of the quality it can provide users with. Basically, all the plagiarism checkers are designed to be focused on a single specific thing which is, naturally, detection of the copied content from the Internet websites. E-learning professionals have the opportunity to explore this plagiarism tool without any worries related to payment, like the ones that can be seen with Copyscape Premium, for example. The Duplichecker tool characterizes several pros and cons like any other program of this type. Some of its most potent advantages are associated with the ease of use, as well as no obligations of spending for registration. Yes, you don’t need any previous experiences with such tools as this one has a fundamental format that is pretty simple to understand and master. And perhaps more importantly, there is no need for purchasing your registration at any stage. You can use it as much as you want. Additionally, it offers some other interesting parts like allowing users to have 50 plagiarism checks per day. From its disadvantages, the one that stands out is related to unregistered users. In this case, you will be limited to only one plagiarism check daily.


Another plagiarism tool that can be excellent for e-learning professionals is called Copyleaks. A lot of students are often eager to find a way to beat Turnitin, which is similar to this program. With this in mind, it would be of great help to know how to utilize all its advantages and outsmart the ones that will try to deceive your plagiarism checker. Some of the best features of Copyleaks are multiple languages available as well as several different formats that users can use. This can help you to determine plagiarized text even if it’s written in another language than English which is the most common. This plagiarism detector also allows its users to check the material in a diverse layout. But something even more outstanding is the fact that it supports all Unicode languages which will make the job for e-learning professionals much easier than it should be. In addition, Copyleaks will send an alert when cheating methods like “White Ink” and “Character Replacement” are being used. However, it has some disadvantages too. The most important one you should know about is the free web pages limitation that is set to 10. For companies, the program will allow an examination of 2500 words in total per month. For further detections, it will require a payment of $10 per month which will unlock a total of 25000 words to check on a monthly basis.


Checking grammar is always closely connected with the use of plagiarism tools online. Especially with ones that don't require any payments. Do you wonder why? Well just take a little time to think thoroughly about it and an answer will come. It is obvious, isn’t it? Students will never pay for such tools and will try to find free ones which they can combine with grammar checkers easily. PaperRater is a 3 in 1 tool that can be of great value for e-learning professionals. As some of their students sometimes need additional instructions about grammar and writing suggestions, you can forestall them by using this free tool that provides users with these features alongside plagiarism checking. Some of the key points for the efficiency of this tool lie in its creators. PaperRater is being designed by well-educated linguists who are experts in their matter. They have implemented fast and accurate results of the tools’ search. It gives e-learning professionals a feeling of safety that nothing will go wrong with this program. But you will not be able to save your reports as there is no storage created. And if you would like to try its premium version, it will cost around $8 per month.


Plagiarisma represents a simple plagiarism detector that many literary industry members often use. It supports over 190 languages which cover almost all the ones that can be used. This tool can also allow e-learning professionals to check URLs from the texts which can result in more precise results. This tool can be added as an extension to Chrome and Firefox too. However, for free users, there is a limitation in plagiarism checks.


Plagiarism detection tools are beneficial to all the people that like using them. They represent a direct counterattack to ones that want to manipulate others and offer content that is not unique and valid. Hopefully, e-learning professionals will have great use of those free programs that we’ve selected for them.


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