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Transparent gel speaker reproduces music with great quality

Harvard scientists create transparent gel that plays better sound quality than current systems. Technology may revolutionize the sound reproduction in the future.

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The transparent gel disk in the photo above is a functional speaker connected to a cell phone, believe me! It has active cancellation system external sound and reproduces sound with greater clarity than current systems. If you like to set up sound details, this technology will allow better equalization.

Harvard scientists have pioneered in the application of ionic conductivity in an artificial muscle capable of reproducing sound.

The team includes the postdoctoral research Jeong-Yun Sun and Christoph Keplinger (photo above) that skirted the fact that ionic materials don't react well to high voltage. Thus, they have inserted a rubber layer between two sheets of transparent conductive gel created with brine, allowing the system to function at high voltage.

The electrical voltage passed through the gel produces vibrations in the rubber of the apparatus that reproduces the sound sent by smartphones or other devices.

The most amazing thing is that the sound emits frequencies betweeen 20Hz and 20,000Hz, ie, all the audible spectrum by the human ear. See the demonstration in the video below:

Of course that this experiment may be enhanced commercially in the future for phones, smartphones, televisions, etc. The important thing is that there are more possibilities every time that arise innovations like this.


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