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Top 9 online apps for students to study effectively

This is a way to ease your work on the tasks and improve academic performance. For college students, there are plenty of apps and online tools to ensure the quality work on the tasks.

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How to study effectively? This is a common issue students of different levels try to solve. The number of writing assignments and the complexity of the papers can make you feel overwhelmed with the papers and schedule in general.

If you want to get the highest grades for your tasks, you may try to professional thesis writer or order the best custom written help online. This is a proven way to ease your work on the tasks and improve academic performance. But this isn’t the only way to choose. For college students, there are plenty of apps and online tools to ensure the best quality work on the tasks.

In the article, you will find the list of the top working applications to handle the papers and manage other college tasks with ease. There should be no sacrifice when you deal with the handy online software tools for an effective studying routine.

Stay Focused

Do you need to get your task done without the help of the best paper writing service? You should try the StayFocused app. This application is the perfect software for students who have attention issues. It might be complicated to stay organized and pay enough attention to the tasks when there are tons of pages open on your laptop or phone.

The Stay Focused app will restrict your access to certain apps and block the use of browser extensions. You won’t be distracted by the extra noise from the apps.


This is another great application that will help you focus on the studying process and manage your papers fast. If you want to perform the best essay service and cope with the tasks at a perfect level, there should be a high level of attention to the tasks. This is what the AppBlock app offers.

You won’t have to keep track of the applications you use. The tool will do the job for you. If you feel stressed about the task and need to write an essay fast, there should be time and an app controller.

myHomework Student Planner

Do you need to work on the tasks or manage the writing on time? There are lots of assignments students get daily. Some decide to turn to the good essay writing service, while other learners look for effective ways to cope with the college schedule on their own.

If you’re worried about the essays and need to manage tasks from different disciplines, you may want to use the myHomework Student Planner. Being a cross-platform tool, the app will help you organize your work and structure the tasks. Writing a persuasive essay has never been easier with the top-regulated application.


How to write an essay online? This is a common writing assignment students get all the time. You might need to work on the essay or a research paper. No matter what paper type you deal with. There’s always a need to cite the sources and include direct citations to the text. Do I need to ask custom essay writing companies for help? You can do it, but there’s another option.

The RefME app offers a handy function allowing students to scan the books and journals to get direct citations from the sources. If you often had issues with the citation practice, it’s now time to fix it.


If you study in college, you surely need to keep track of your tasks. The amount of work and number of assignments is overwhelming. There should be convenient online software to help you manage the tasks and make sure they are done on time.

The Todoist app is better than any essay writing service reviews for college learners. It will help you coordinate the tasks and enjoy a smooth writing process. There are no assignments you can forget about with the Todoist application. The more you want to include in your timetable, the better it will be organized in the app.

Oxford English Dictionary

Studying languages is hard, but interesting and can bring many benefits. If you work on the English language task and need to play with the words, you will surely need a high-quality dictionary. This is what the best custom essay writing service can offer to you but in paid format.

The good thing about the Oxford Dictionary is its online version. You don’t need to go to the library or work with a heavy book all the time. The complete and easy-to-use dictionary is found on your phone within a handy application for students. It will help writing an essay because you get access to different words, synonyms, antonyms, idioms, and definitions.


What's great about the use of the StudyBlue app? If you study in college, you know the struggle to have tons of websites, online resources and books opened at once on different platforms. But this isn’t an issue anymore with the StudyBlue application.

You may try to work with the paper writing services, but StudyBlue can also make it easier. This platform is a perfect and complete source of study materials you can upload to the web service. It’s a handy service for learners of different levels. Everything you need to write an essay is found on one platform.

Office Lens

When studying in college, you don’t always work with papers. There are many other assignments you may be involved in. For example, students often work with the pictures, edit them and share them with others. You can easily custom write the task, but processing the picture is better with the Office Lens.

This is a handy tool for everyone interested in the handy function for the pictures. You can enhance the quality of the pictures, and make the text on the screen readable. There are many other features a student can benefit from.

Dragon Dictation

Working on writing tasks is a huge part of the studying routine. For many students, writing a paper is a major assignment in college. However, there are other types of papers to work on. You may easily order help from the essay writing sites, but the speech recognition feature is better achieved with the Dragon Dictation tool.

It’s a handy online application for either your phone or laptop. You don’t need to master the work with the speech recognition tools to understand how the app works. The Dragon Dictation will help you recognize the text from the video or audio materials.

If you have a sophisticated file with the speech to be transcribed, you don’t need to do it on your own. It takes a lot of time and can be useless. But working with the speech recognition tool is more effective and can help you yield nicer results. On some of the best online essay writing services, there are common speech recognition features for students, too.

How to work with the top apps for students

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Studying is hard at times. You don’t always know where to look for help with the papers or other types of assignments. Writing is easier when you have someone or something to rely on. If you struggle with the tasks and can’t find the way out for your papers, there should be a clear solution to your problem. It’s a common way to process the tasks and manage the papers in college. You can ask for help from the top rated essay writing service that will handle your paper easily.

However, if you don’t deal with the writing tasks, or if ordering custom-written papers isn’t your choice, the list of the best tools for students is now available to you. These are handy apps that will allow you to work faster and reach the best results with the tasks. In many cases, students reject useful help with the assignments. But this is what can save your time and make your studying routine less intensive and challenging.

Do you want to get assisted with the college tasks? This is a dream of many students, but you can make it a reality. The first option is to order an online essay writing service from a professional company on the web. The second case is to choose the apps from the list and enjoy working with the tasks.


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