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Top 6 essentials for every bedside table

Once you get comfortable in bed, it gets irritating if you have to get out again. Here are a few essentials that you have to have on your bedside table.


a couple of frog in bed and with bedside table

Once you get comfortable in bed, it gets irritating if you have to get out again. Having an organized bedside table with all your essentials won’t bother your peaceful time in bed. Here are a few essentials that you have to have on your bedside table.

1. Lamp And Book

A lamp is a great bedside addition especially for people who like to read before drifting off to sleep. A reading lamp would be a good fit for readers. If you don’t read, a lamp would also be a good addition for you as an accessory and as a night light. Choose a lamp that fits your bedroom design and colors. Make sure that you go for a lamp with a soft light for a calm and peaceful ambiance. Choose a book from your favorite genre to nourish your mind a little and keep the habit going by picking a new book every time you finish your old one. It’s best to read from different genres to get a variety of information on different topics. Read at least a page a day, or more if you manage that.

2. Candles And Flowers

Candles are a great bedside table accessory. Scented candles, especially vanilla, can help you calm down and relax before going to bed. Hand-picked flowers add color and are a beautiful addition to your bedroom, as they provide color, a great smell, and a sense of life. Pick flowers every 2-3 days and add them to a vase on your bedside table. Make it a point to pick a vase that fits your style and is simple and elegant at the same time.

3. Phone Charger

A very common reason that gets you out of bed at night is to charge your phone. Most of the time, you might want to check your social media accounts before going to bed or to video call a friend, and it only makes sense to have a charger on your bedside table. There are many cable options for chargers, but one of our favorites is magnetic charging cables. You can read more here about cables to gain a better understanding of how they work and what you need to know. Be sure to choose a charger that is compatible with your phone and to keep the cables away from the candle.

4. A Bottle Of Water, A Cup, And A Snack

Getting thirsty and having to get out of bed to drink is frustrating. Most of the time, people neglect drinking or forget to drink which will reduce their body’s hydration, but having water beside you will remind you to drink more often. Having a bottle of water beside you and a cup is an essential bedside addition. Now whenever you wake up thirsty in the middle of the night, you will be able to reach over and drink without having to really think about it. You can have a snack bar or a chocolate bar on there too for a quick midnight fix in case you’re the type who loves to munch in the middle of the night.

5. Lotion And Skin Care

You don’t have to have your full skincare routine on your bedside table, but a few items are great for days when you feel too tired to get out of bed or too lazy to go through your full skincare routine. Makeup wipes or micellar water and cotton swabs are good to have beside you to remove makeup before going to sleep. A good moisturizer is essential to keep your skin hydrated. Have your favorite lotion beside you to treat yourself before going to bed.

6. Alarm Clock

retro bedside alarm clock

An alarm clock is not just a practical item, it is also a great accessory. Adding a vintage alarm clock to your bedside table is a great addition. You don’t have to go with a vintage clock, you can purchase one that suits your style. Setting your alarm every day ensures that you won’t oversleep. Great people value time, and having a clock beside you all the time will help you keep track of time so that you don’t stay up late without noticing when you get carried away while reading, or if you stay on your phone too long.

Essentials differ from one person to another. Add anything that you find essential or that gets you out of bed often. Some basic items that people like to have on their bedside table are napkins and hairbands. You don’t want to have a messy or crowded bedside table which is why you shouldn't have too much stuff on it or unnecessary items.

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