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Top 5 safest phones for daily use

The importance of mobile gadgets may mean danger for us too. What if your device will be stolen or someone gets access to your files?


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Nowadays, we can enjoy numerous achievements of technical progress and get many benefits for leisure, work, education, personal life, etc. At the same time, the importance of mobile gadgets may mean danger for us too. What if your device will be stolen or someone gets access to your files?

Which is the best phone in the world?

Because of the regular threats and attacks on the Web, users keep asking about the most reliable gadgets. And here is an expert's opinion: you can find a secure phone and use a trustworthy VPN to achieve the strongest level of protection.

Note that a good VPN without logs is an important app not only for celebrities and CEOs. Even if you are an ordinary person, it doesn't mean you are protected from hack attacks. Scammers are unpredictable people, and usually, they hack phones because of simple interest. That's why you need to keep your gadgets safe, and don't expect such an issue could not ever happen to you.

So let's see which gadgets are known as the best phone for security. You can select the one you like the most and improve your situation just by a proper purchase. In addition, it's highly recommended to use no log VPN for comprehensive protection.

Well, it's ridiculous to rely on your phone's features when you want to protect your personal data. Many devices are made to cover such an important requirement of users. But you can do it better using VeePN. This is a free VPN no log that protects your phone and your personality. Just give it a try and download the app. You can enjoy a trial period and clarify all its benefits.

Which mobile is best for daily use:

1. Sirin Solarin

The market for safe phones is constantly developing, so some companies are concerned about the exact target audience. Sirin Solarin is a phone that costs $17,000, and this is not a joke. If you are not ready to spend so much money on a mobile device, then skip this option right now.

But note that Sirin Solarin has such a price for a reason. Its security technologies are worth your attention and will impress you at first sight. An army of protectors will stay by your side.

2. KATIM Phone

It was made by the famous company DarkMatter. It is well-known that experts from this team have been developing this product for 2 years before launching it on the market. Developers explain that the KATIM phone allows users to have self-destructing messages and self-destruction of the gadget itself if the owner wants.

By installing VPN without logs, you can make your device unbeatable. KATIM Phone deserves your attention, so find out more about it.

3. Google Pixel 5

At first sight, you may doubt trying this gadget. But take a look at its security features, and you will be impressed. No shock because it is supported by a real giant on the worldwide market.

While using Google Pixel 5, you still need a no log VPN app. This will make your experience better for sure. Together with the smartphone's advanced features and high-quality software, you will get great results.

4. BlackBerry Key2

This is a new version of a secured phone made on the basis of the KEYone. It is a very thin, stylish, and powerful gadget. You can rely on the DTEK Security suit to stay safe no matter criminal plans against you.

It is running under Android 8.1 and includes Google Assistant. Here you have all apps you love from Play Market plus several special apps from Blackberry. You can install your VPN no logs on it to prevent any threats.

5. UnaPhone Zenith

The device is made by a start-up company that is supported by LG. This technical giant stays behind the manufacturing of UnaPhone Zenith that increases the interest of users. It is said this phone is a real secure beast!

It is running under Android 6.0, but the operating system has specific improvements. That's why it is usually called UnaOS. Long story short, this phone has advanced security, high performance, and affordable price.

Choose your security and safety

As you can see, these most secure phones can help you to deal with possible attacks on your personality. All models are available in 2021, so you can find these options almost elsewhere. Just pay attention to the listed above gadgets and mention the following criteria before purchasing:

  • your requirements to security;
  • the budget you are ready to spend;
  • your preferences in different operating systems;
  • the applications you need to have on your phone.

But no matter the phone you buy, you shouldn't forget to install VPN no logs in it. This application will increase your chances for successful protection multiple times.

We hope that our simple how-to will explain to you what is the safest phone to use and how you can select the device that will satisfy you. Please, look at these examples in comparison to summarize all features. Then you can make a choice and stay secure all the time!

Phone NameSirin SolarinKATIM PhoneGoogle Pixel 5BlackBerry Key2UnaPhone Zenith

Operating system

SirinOSKATIM™ OSAndroidAndroid 8.1UnaOS
Track Block+++++

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