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Top 5 Internet browsers to use in 2022

If you have been fed up with the old ways of browsing and you want to innovate, here are the top 5 internet browsers to use in 2022. See the best web browsers!


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Internet Browsers are crucial for a lot of things, be it playing online games, doing research, finding stuff to download, and a ton more. You will find hundreds of different internet browsers out there that claim to be the best for you.

While most of the stuff these browsers do is pretty common, some of these browsers go above and beyond to give you additional features that are pretty hard to ignore. So in this article, we are going to look at some of the best Internet Browsers to use in 2022!

Google Chrome

There is no doubt that Google Chrome is still one of the BEST internet browsers out there. It has been out and around for many years with a ton of different extensions and plugins that you can use to further refine your browsing experience on this browser.

There are many browser-based games and applications out there on the internet that recommend you use Chrome for the best experience and some of them won’t even work with other browsers. It’s super easy to use and play around with, you have all the basic and advanced network settings with additional features to create multiple users and change the appearance according to your liking. Definitely one of the best internet browsers out there to use.

Tor Browser

Now if you are looking for some extra tight security and a private network that is hard to trace out for any reason, be it securing your data, not leaving a trail, or hiding your online presence, Tor might just be the best option out there for you.

Tor Onion Router is completely free and ensures you have a secure browsing experience on most of the popular sites. It blocks any tracking from 3rd party sites while also stopping the ads from following you. It protects you from anyone who might want to check what sites you browse and what you search for on the web.

Once you are done browsing, Tor clears all the cookies that might have been saved from any site. So if security is your main concern, Tor browser is the best in the business.


Brave came out branding itself as the number 1 browser for gamers all around the world. One of the defining features of this browser is that it doesn’t allow ads on popular sites, such as YouTube to ensure you get an uninterrupted browsing experience. Additionally, it also blocks pop-ups and other annoying things that we mostly come across in many other browsers.

It is also very fast compared to other browsers out there because of its small size and optimized features. It cuts out many unnecessary features to provide you with a simple and easy-to-use browsing experience.

Microsoft Edge

You might be a little surprised to see Edge on this list but trust me when i say that this is one of THE best internet browsers out there. It’s a little hard to believe after what happened with internet explorer but times have changed and Microsoft has finally got things working for their new browser.

Edge is super fast, lightweight, and comes with great privacy features to ensure you have a secure private browsing experience. You can easily pop up a significant number of tabs without worrying about memory drains hanging up your browsing. It has all the good features of Google Chrome and many more of its own.


If you are fed up with the way your old browser looks and you want to spice things up a little, Vivaldi might just be the best option for you out there. This browser provides a ton of customization options for you to play around with and give your browsers a makeover.

Vivaldi comes packed with plenty of themes to choose from and a variety of customization tools to give you all the power to redesign your browsing space. You can map your keys to create shortcuts to work faster with quick commands. However, there’s a drawback to all this, which is speed and for many, it’s not exactly a tradeoff worth making.

But with new updates, the developers are getting close to making things fast, which could make Vivaldi one of the best options out there, better than many others.

We have reached the end of our list and I am pretty sure you will find the browser that you are looking for whether it’s security that you are worried about or customization is your main concern. We will keep you updated as more browsers come into the light that is worthy of your attention.


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