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Top 3 business software your company needs

Here are 3 essential pieces of software that any business would be significantly improved by having.


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Technology has helped businesses be more productive, unlike anything else. It has made them work smarter, more efficiently, and amazingly, there are still plenty of developing technologies that can be a game-changer in the future.

For now, though, there are countless great applications and software that are helping businesses reach their potential, ranging to software to aid with specific takes, to apps to better improve HR management and employee engagement. Here are 3 essential pieces of software that any business would be significantly improved by having.

Inpulse Employee Surveys

This software is designed to help businesses better understand how their employees are feeling, as well as analyze their skills so that they can be better utilized.

Their unique pulse survey is designed to help businesses get a detailed understanding of an employee’s emotions, and how engaged they are in the tasks they’ve been giving. Through their intuitive dashboard, employers can use the data to help them make better decisions going forward on how to improve the company and address concerns, so that staff can resume working productively.

The survey utilizes emotion-driven questioning to garner a more human and easily interpretable response, which can be used to support employees and give them that drive to perform.

This software supports multiple platforms such as laptops, tablets, and phones, meaning that it is incredibly accessible and can be used on the go so that managers can continue to build strong relationships with their employees remotely.

MailChimp Email Marketing

Email marketing is an essential way to help maintain an active customer base and convert one-time buyers of your products or services into repeat customers. Email marketing can be used to engage customers with newsletters, offers to encourage them to return or provide links to lead them to a landing page that you want to direct traffic to.

The thing is, getting email marketing is difficult, and without the right kind of platform, it is near impossible. Thankfully, some services, like MailChimp, make your emails a lot easier to manage as they offer great, professional-looking templates to help you build an attractive message and other vital services, such as automatic email reply and signup forms to give you a complete email management package.

One of the best things about MailChimp is that it offers a free and paid-for service, meaning small businesses new to email marketing can dip their toes into the medium without much risk and still create emails that compete with more established brands. There’s also a mobile app that allows users to view the performance metrics on campaigns and even send out emails.

Trello Project Management

Organization is the key to success. If a project lacks planning and proper management, it’s most likely going to struggle to perform as well as it can. Keeping up with various different aspects of a project like its finances, marketing, and design can be extremely difficult. Still, thankfully, there is a way to keep things far more organized and controlled. Trello aids with all your planning and project management issues and is a particularly great visual aid to help keep things clear. It does this by using Kanban-style boards for tracking and thus makes it easy to manage both individual projects and ongoing workflows.

The beauty of Trello is its simplicity, with its intuitive interface allowing for users to create custom boards with lists that can include helpful images, files, links, due dates, and a lot more. Trello is the way to go to help maximize your planning.

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