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Top 17 sleep apps

17 great smartphone apps to help you adjust your sleep. Say goodbye to insomnia and get a large portion of quality night's rest!


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We'd all like to sleep at least 8 hours a day. However, we have to stay late at work, wasting our time in traffic jams, and then getting tempted by our phones to stare in them for a "little" longer than planned... After such days, closing our eyes and sleeping seems almost impossible.

Technologies can be used not only for entertainment and procrastination. And though, they recommend us to put away our smartphones away an hour before going to sleep, if we use them for the good, we might as well strengthen our health.

With, we have collected 17 great smartphone apps to help you adjust your sleep. Say goodbye to insomnia and get a large portion of quality night's rest!

1. Meditopia: Sleep and Meditation

Quite a popular app that won several awards in 2019, including "Best Sleep App". According to restfIt will help you to learn to meditate consciously, become an assistant in relieving stress and anxiety. It affects your sleep, leading to a normal state of mind. Meditopia includes 7-day mindfulness programs, healing sounds, and relaxing sleep melodies. The application has a lot of positive feedback.

2. Pzizz

The app helps you plunge into the depths of sleep faster using a combination of soothing sounds and speech signals. Pzizz chooses a sequence of sounds and scenery that is ideal for a particular phase of your sleep cycle. Soundtracks in this application never repeat themselves, which means that you won't get bored with it any time soon.

3. F.lux

As you know, PC screen light can hurt your eyes, but did you know that it can cause sleep problems? Studies have shown that the blue light of our devices can disrupt sleep or aggravate its disorder. F.lux adjusts the color temperature of your screen according to the time of day, making it warm at night-time and bright during the day. You can adjust the lighting as you want and even create your own presets for daytime, evening, and night-time modes. The app is supposed to reduce your eye strain. F.lux is also available for PC.

4. Sleep Cycle

This is one of the most famous apps dedicated to sleep. And not without a reason! Sleep Cycle tracks your sleep mode and then turns on a 30-minute alarm clock that wakes you up just when you're in shallow sleep (REM sleep). With this app, you can also assess whether you slept well and understand how to improve your sleep.

Simply set the alarm clock and put the phone near your pillow. The app will control your movement using the accelerometer of the phone and will always wake you up during light sleep, not deep (non-REM sleep). In the morning you can watch a complete sleep analysis.

5. Sleep Genius

Sleep Genius is designed to train your body using repetitive rhythms or environmental sounds. The application was developed in connection with the experiments on astronauts, who sometimes have to fall asleep in the most awkward poses. By the way, it also allows you to learn how to sleep during the day - Sleep Genius offers an exercise that stimulates the relaxation reaction.

6. SleepCure

This application offers three simple steps used in yoga - breathing exercises, hypnotic mantras, and background sounds. Developers have also taken care of the design. You will appreciate the lava lamp, complex patterns of mandalas, and, of course, they have not forgotten about the brightness of the screen, so that the blue light does not disrupt your circadian rhythm. Don't forget to wear earphones to hear all the binaural waves and Tibetan mantras well.

7. Sleepo

Sleepo is a large set of HD sounds that can be mixed for a perfectly relaxing atmosphere. The sound palette contains 32 melodies - rain rustle, city rumble, nature sounds, white noise, meditation, etc. You can also set the time when the app should automatically shut down. But the best part is that Sleepo does not require an internet connection, so you can use it anywhere!

8. Calm

Sometimes you just need to calm down a little before you go to sleep. It is for this case that this savior-app is created! It consists of 7 steps, after which you will feel an overwhelming desire to fall into the arms of Morpheus. Sessions work from 2 to 20 minutes and have a wide range of backgrounds and sounds, from the beach to a rainy day.

9. Rain Rain Sleep Sounds

I don't know about you, but I feel particularly comfortable when it rains outside the window and I sit wrapped in a blanket, warming my fingers with a cup of hot chocolate. If you dig the vibe, this app is for you. The Rain Rain Sleep Sounds catalog contains more than 25 sounds of nature, ranging from heavy rain and distant thunderstorms to the ocean elements. By the way, the sounds are gradually getting quieter and softer so you can easily fall asleep.

10. Sleepy Box & Pillow Sounds

If you want something more enjoyable than the sounds of rain, try this Asian style app. From the rumble of trains to the chatter in a coffee shop, the sounds will suit those soothed by the monotonous noise of the city. The app is really easy to use, and also has a built-in timer that mutes all the sounds after you fall asleep.

11. Pillow

Pillow works with Apple Watch to get more information about your sleep than a regular tracker. The app is also pretty easy to use - open it before you go to bed and choose when you want to get up. You can also leave notes here, e.g., about eating pizza late at night or while watching your favorite TV series (guilty as sin). Then just put your iPhone under your pillow and go to sleep. During the night, Pillow will use the phone to track your body movements to create a convenient schedule.

12. Relax Melodies

For many people, a small amount of white noise helps them to fall asleep, Relax Melodies reproduces such a soothing noise.

There are more than 59 different sounds in the app, you can select a few and make a mix. Relax Melodies also has a playlist of sounds specially designed to help you reach a certain sleep cycle faster and have a better sleep.

13. Sleepytime Sleep Scheduler

If you want to use sleep cycles to your advantage, Sleepytime Sleep Scheduler can help you find the best time to go to bed to feel refreshed.

Sleepytime allows you to go to bed when you want to go to sleep. Then the app evaluates your sleep cycles and shows you the best time to wake up. You can also choose the time you want to wake up, and the app will let you know when to go to bed.

14. Sunriser

Sunriser is a unique intelligent alarm clock that, instead of waking you up while you're sleeping, wakes you up at the same time as the sun rises in your area. The Sunriser main screen shows a countdown timer when the alarm clock goes off. If you do not want the app to wake you up with the sunrise, you can set the time manually.

15. Prune

If you need a game that helps you relax after a hard day's work, try Prune - a great soothing puzzle game app.

Grow and shape trees, directing them to sunlight and protecting them from the dangers of the world around you. The minimalist design and limited color scheme allow you to focus on the game, making it ideal for relaxation.

16. Recolor

To relax before going to bed, I recommend you to use this adult coloring-book-styled app. The application has gained great popularity over the past year. Many people write that the process of coloring helps them to relax, and working with this application has turned into a real hobby for them.

17. offers automatically generated music to improve concentration, meditation, relaxation, and sleep. The service is based on special music that helps you relax, sleep, or focus on your work. In the course of creating the web service, the developers Adam Hewett and Junaid Kalmadi collaborated with neuropsychologists, thus, combining technology and science. You can choose directions you want to focus on, whether it's Focus, Relax, or Sleep.

The Focus mode is recommended for work, study, or creative pursuits. The Relax mode offers to take a nap or meditate. This is the mode that reduces anxiety. The developers advise closing your eyes during listening to the device to exclude all external stimuli. Sleep mode, as it is easy to guess, promises users a good night's rest and a quick falling asleep. Listen to music in any mode with your headphones on and at medium volume - the result is promised in 10-15 minutes. 10 auditions are available for free. You can also listen to music on the site.


We all know that healthy sleep is extremely important for our health, and your phone may help you with it. The result is, of course, not guaranteed. But if you can't fall asleep, need help, want to keep track of shallow/deep sleep, understand why you're so tired during the day, you should definitely try one of the apps above. Choose the ones you like (most of them won't require a fitness tracker) and see what happens!


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