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Top 10 free educational apps for iPhone

Mobile devices are entering our lives more strongly. We have selected ten of the most interesting applications that will help you learn all sorts of useful things.

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Mobile devices are entering our lives more and more strongly, and there are more and more educational apps. This makes perfect sense: the pace is accelerating, much is happening on the run, on trips in transportation, or while waiting for your turn for a coffee and a muffin. This is not a bad thing, because otherwise, we would not have a huge number of educational programs for mobile devices. We have selected ten of the most interesting, in our opinion, applications that will help you learn all sorts of useful things. You should agree that it's much better to learn a couple of words on the cards in English than to pass another level in Angry Birds! The only nuance: almost all applications require an Internet connection, although some allow you to work with training materials in offline mode.

1. iTunes U

Description: The iTunes U app gives you access to courses offered by the world's leading universities and the chance to take full-value courses with professors (just like other online education platforms). It's also the world's largest repository of free educational content, with more than 500,000 lectures, videos, books, and other items. The range of offered data is wide: starting from molecular biology to European history. Such a knowledge base will be a great help with dissertation for the student.

Price: free.

2. TED

Description: If you know what is, no explanation is needed for that. And if you haven't yet gotten to know the site, I highly recommend starting with, for example, this app. You can find lectures from some of the world's most remarkable lecturers: scientists, technical geniuses, business gurus, music and film legends, and politicians - over 1,100 videos in all, and the number is growing every week. Given that the application is tied to TEDTalks, it has a fairly extensive sorting system: by duration (from 3 to 18 minutes), by popularity, by date added, etc. The clips are available not only online but also for offline viewing.

Price: free.

3. Khan Academy

Description: Khan Academy - in our opinion, it's perfect for beginners who want to start taking online courses but don't know what to choose. No deadlines, no nerves - you just master the subject you currently need and are interested in. The app gives you access to more than 3,500 clips on a variety of subjects: math, biology, chemistry, finance, history, etc. Unfortunately, the iPhone version can't download videos, show subtitles, and track your progress on the site - only the iPad version can do that. But the developers are working on it.

Price: free.

4. HowStuffWorks

Description: This app has already been recognized as the best educational app for mobile devices, and has been in the top apps in the Apple store several times. It provides access to more than 40,000 articles from as well as Discovery Channel videos, audio podcasts, and even more. It's a great way to get information at your fingertips - especially since the interface is excellent.

Price: free.

5. Wolfram Alpha

Description: positions itself as the world's most competent source of knowledge, and it has good reason to be. The resource has a huge amount of all sorts of actual scientific data, and the application gives easy access to it and helps you find answers to all questions (it can also solve quite complex mathematical equations). The program is an indispensable assistant for analysts, engineers, students, teachers, parents, and even athletes.

Price: $2.99.

6. MoMA

Description: MoMA stands for Museum of Modern Art. This New York museum exhibits the best of contemporary art, and it's now available to the general public through an app. You can visit current exhibitions, see permanent collections, take interactive tours of the halls and learn more about the artists. The program can also serve as an audio guide when you visit the museum itself. It will help you be at the heart of contemporary art events, even if you live several thousand miles away from New York City.

Price: free.

7. Exoplanet

Description: Exoplanet is a visual interactive catalog of all known exoplanets, i.e. those planets outside the solar system. It is constantly updated as new confirmed objects are reported. The app includes some factual information about the planets, their orbits, and characteristics, as well as a model of the Milky Way. It will allow you to explore many phenomena, such as different constellations, clusters of stars, and other astronomical objects. It also has an augmented reality feature: point your phone at a star and see its name! A professional astronomer took part in the development of the program.

Price: free.

8. Click and learn

Description: The app was developed by the HHMI (Howard Hughes Medical Institute) community, which is a non-profit organization dedicated to medical research. The program will help you learn more about evolution, neurobiology, infectious diseases, DNA, and other curious things. It is designed for high school graduates as well as those who are interested in science. In addition to the articles, there are also videos from so-called Holiday Lectures, and their collection is constantly being added to.

Price: free.

9. FlashCards+

Description: This application is the best way to memorize new information. It gives you access to tens of millions of card decks with different words on them, so you can easily learn new languages or remember specific terms. Words can also be spoken by a synthesizer that knows 22 languages; the decks are synchronized between devices. In addition to the cards already in the database, you can create your cards and thus personalize the application as much as possible.

Price: free.

10. Brain Trainer

Description: it is not an educational app, but it certainly won't be bad for your brain. It was made by, which specializes in mind games. This program includes 10 games that are designed to improve your thinking abilities, specifically memory, reaction, mental flexibility, and quick problem-solving. A few minutes a day spent playing will greatly develop these qualities - not surprising when you consider that the app was made in collaboration with the world's leading neuro specialists. A great alternative to solitaire!

Price: free for registered users of lumosity.


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