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Tips for smartphone battery last longer

See tips to save phone or tablet battery and discover the myths around the battery. Check it out!


Before starting the tips, stay tuned that this article refers to lithium ion (Li-Ion) or lithium polymer (Li-Po) batteries, used in current devices. The old nickel cadmium batteries (NiCd) aren't discussed in this article.

battery life

Battery worn out?

The batteries don't have "memory effect" and not worn out like old cadmium batteries. The misuse of the battery may shorten its life. Check out the tips below.

Heat and Phone in jeans pocket

The heat is not good for your cell phone or tablet, keep your device away from excessive heat. In your pocket, for example, the phone may be getting a lot of heat and this causes the battery drains quickly and also decreases the battery life.

Can I charge my phone with another charger?

It's not recommended that you use a different charger to charge your phone or tablet. Each device supports a different voltage and amperage and the use another charger without due knowledge may generate explosions and damage the battery life. If you want to use another charger, make sure that the specifications in the original charger are the same as output (in Volts), amperage and voltage of the power grid.

Charge the battery after the fully charge

This is a habit that is not good for the battery life, leave the phone plugged in to charge after reaching 100% load is harmful to the battery. After charging up to 100% remove the phone from the power source (plug or PC).

Do I need to wait the device turn off to charge?

If your device uses Li-Ion or Li-Po batteries (currently used in most smartphones) is not necessary to wait the device turn off to charge.

The unknown villain

You may think that the villain of the battery is the screen brightness or even the WiFi, but these are already known resources that consume more battery. What many people don't know is that when there is no carrier signal (2G, 3G or 4G) the battery is extremely consumed.

It's true! The higher the signal, better! Your battery "goes into space" if there is no signal because the phone or tablet needs to work hard to get the signal. A good alternative when there is no signal is put into "Airplane Mode" that turns off 3G, 4G, Bluetooth and WiFi, saving battery power.

Many people use the phone as an alarm clock beside the bed. Check the location where the device is and if the signal is very low or if there is no signal. You should always leave the phone in places with much signal or if you don't need receive calls use the "Airplane Mode" until you're awakened.

Known tips

With the arrival of mobile systems like iOS and Android became easier disable features on the phone or tablet. Therefore, disable features you don't use often, doing this certainly increases the battery runtime.

Some features you may disable to save battery:
- Bluetooth, Wifi, GPS and excess Widgets on the home screen.

Screen Brightness

Tip well known but is well worth comment. You may lower the screen brightness to save battery. The screen is one of the features that spend more energy of the phone or tablet.


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