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The most popular phones that can be equipped with ANOM revealed

The police use several different devices in different countries, but the most popular phone is the Google Pixel 4a, which looks simple and elegant.


anom app on a smartphone screen on the table

From the outside, this phone looks like a standard smartphone, in some cases a black Pixel 4a, but inside it is an "abnormal" phone that the FBI uses to track down criminals. For years, the FBI has been using similar tools to get as close as possible to criminals. In this case, the key is to hide behind the enemy when they think they can fully trust you.

Anom is one of many organized criminal communication services used to facilitate smuggling and other evil activities. The interesting thing about Anom is that, unlike other messaging services, it is operated by law enforcement agencies. The idea is to become an excellent fake phone company that criminals can trust, trust the brand, and then use these FBI gadgets for their business, believing that they are completely safe. This startup has a job name: Trojan Shield. When the action was announced earlier this month, it received more than 27 million messages from users in more than 100 countries. How can they fool so many criminals? Develop devices designed for these people instead of other blacklisted devices such as phantom phones. But if you are interested in buying a normal regular phone without "additional options" go to Shoppock. And remember, in the USA the ANOM application does not work, since the rights of citizens are protected by law.

Favorite phones for Anom

The police use several different devices in different countries, but the most popular phone is the Google Pixel 4a, which looks simple and elegant. The user can use two PIN codes to unlock the device. You open a completely normal screen. It hosts applications such as Candy Crush, Tinder, Instagram, and Facebook, but none of these applications really work. Clicking on it has no effect at all. Another PIN opens up a completely different appearance, showing multiple applications: clock, calculator, and calculator. It is actually the Anom application, which opens a door for criminals to communicate openly and securely.

The basic operating system is called "ArcaneOS" and it is not surprising that few people know it. The only information circulating is speculative at best and is being passed on from people who bought these devices unknowingly recently to people who downloaded them somewhere after learning about the Trojan Shield operation. Unsurprisingly, the device has some quirks, such as the lack of an app store. A person told Vice News, “They can’t install the app because there is no [app store] and everything has been deleted.” In addition, people on the forum are discussing how to modify the device. "There is no effect when trying to flash," one user said. It looks like the device is completely locked and cannot be changed.

Another interesting aspect of this phone is the lack of customization of location services. Most likely, for obvious reasons, location tracking is turned on by default. The cleaning function clears the device memory when you write some code. Users can also configure it to be automatically deleted after a period of inactivity. This is a common feature of companies that use phone encryption. In fact, all these characteristics... Some people may think that Anom is a completely trustworthy company, they have made the perfect game for the FBI.

The FBI has never stopped using new technologies to combat criminals, and this operation is undoubtedly a success. This operation will almost certainly not be the last safe haven for the FBI to impersonate criminals. When criminals discovered their true purpose and sold them, they are now on a rampage.

Organizations that use phone encryption often provide similar data destruction capabilities. At least in some cases, companies remotely delete data on phones while they are owned by the government, making investigations difficult. Law enforcement with this cleaning function.

Daniel Mickey is the lead developer of GrapheneOS, an Android operating system focused on security and privacy, and he also provided the motherboard with images recently sent to it by someone on the third Anom device. That phone is a Google Pixel 3a, which shows that Anom has downloaded its software in multiple iterations of the phone. And the anom login screen is not immediately available.

Although it is clear that Google Pixel 4a is the favorite phone by both FBI and criminals to use Anom, Google Pixel 3a has proven to work with but the advanced technology of 4a and being more customizable makes it the perfect choice.


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