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The best places to buy Crypto

Check out where you can safely buy cryptocurrencies from your smartphone or computer. Explore crypto like Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. Where do you buy it?


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Cryptocurrency exchange is a website for operations with cryptocurrency. As the crypto market is developing, many tools and trading instruments emerge. You can lend assets and receive interest or borrow funds and use leverage, multiplying your investment. Or you can just buy coins and receive passive income from holding them, or forecast the future price of an asset and receive financial gains if you guess it right. There are many ways to earn money in the crypto market, and a crypto exchange is a foundation for all trading processes. That’s where everything takes place.

If you are looking for a credible platform for cryptocurrency to buy, we recommend looking at the crypto exchange ranking below. We included the most often used and largest exchanges that offer clients a comprehensive list of assets and trading tools. They have the best reviews on the Internet.

Crypto Exchange Ranking

Here are the most credible crypto platforms used worldwide:

• Binance

The most popular and often used platform. It charges average fees on spot trading (0,1%) and offers easy-to-understand charts and graphs on the dynamics of asset rates. Binance boasts fast transactions. 591 trading pairs, support for fiat currencies.

• Coinbase

This platform charges higher fees (0.5% - 4.5%), user-friendly interface. The exchange offers video classes for those who want to learn how to trade. Along with the education process, users can practice real crypto assets and earn.

• WhiteBIT

One of the largest exchanges in Europe. Over 400 crypto pairs. An average fee of 0,1%. Possibility to practice trading on a demo account, educational section. The platform also offers a WhiteBIT Blog where you will find the answers to questions about the crypto industry, learn about promising projects, and find guides on how to trade and use this or that trading tool.


All the above exchanges have a full range of trading tools, passive income, etc. You must pass the KYC verification to access all the earning opportunities. KYC and AML mechanisms provide users' security, protecting them from hackers and illegal activity.

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