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The 8 best trip planner apps for travelers

People who try to work out routes, find inexpensive tickets, or evaluate accommodations on their own don't just unnecessarily waste their time, but often miss out on the best deals in the process.


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When it's time to go on a vacation, most of us try to plan an exciting journey to properly recharge. However, trip planning can be quite a tiring chore in itself. People who try to work out routes, find inexpensive tickets, or evaluate accommodations on their own don't just unnecessarily waste their time, but often miss out on the best deals in the process. Today, we will discuss the best applications that will help make your travel planning as easy and convenient as possible.

8 most popular trip planning apps for going abroad

1. Airbnb

This famous rental service allows you to rent housing directly from the owner, bypassing any real estate agents. You can contact the owner and clarify all details before booking your accommodation, see its photos, description, as well as read other guests’ reviews.

When you plan a trip abroad, you will often need to verify your accommodation at the airport. You can download details about your chosen housing option from the app, but you will also need to translate it into the language of a country you are visiting. You can do it on your own or hire one of the trustworthy top translation services. The latter is a smarter option if you want to receive a mistake-free result.

2. CheckMyTrip

This is one of the most versatile travel apps. It can give you timely notifications about flights, showcase your trips in a calendar, and feature other detailed information about your planned

adventure. Its convenient interface and functionality make many travelers use it repeatedly for their upcoming journeys.

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3. One two trip

This application locates the best deals on tickets, hotel reservations, tours, car rental services, etc. It also has a cashback system that allows you to save money on each trip. It has a good reputation – over 8 million people have chosen this app to accommodate their travels.


This is a great app that offers detailed descriptions of each trip even without an Internet connection. It allows users to accurately calculate travel expenses and quickly print them directly from the app. You can also use it to create packing lists, share your trip information, co-edit it with friends, etc.

5. App in the Air

This app tracks flight information and helps users find their way around any airport. Its functionality allows you to create a checklist for each trip directly in an application, check-in for a flight, find out information about airports of departure and arrival, as well as maps and layouts of terminals.

6. TripIt

TripIt is among the best choices for travel planning. While you are working out the route of your trip, the application will monitor flights, remind you to register for them, and select the best accommodation. It also provides interactive maps of train stations and airports, making preparation for your trip much easier.

7. Tripomatic

The main function of this application is planning travel routes by days, hours, and even minutes. It's simple – choose the trip’s dates, its duration, sights you want to visit, and get a detailed plan of activities for the entire trip. The plan will take into account everything, including the time it takes to move between locations.

App’s list of recommendations contains a huge number of interesting places around the world one can explore. In addition, this application will help you book a car, a hotel room, excursions, and much more.

8. Musement

We are all eager to plan future travels most efficiently. This application makes it easy to buy tickets for museums, wine tastings, events, and excursions abroad. It offers recommendations from local experts who will suggest something interesting and help with your booking. There are tons of entertainment options in this app, with easy navigation by category.

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All Set!

These are just a few apps used by travelers all over the world, but they are enough to make your trip more enjoyable, fuss-free, and convenient. Review the apps we mentioned, take your pick, leaving tedious vacation planning and organization behind forever!

Author’s Bio: Merissa Moore is a marketer, researcher, and writer. She succeeds in her field since she has a strong interest in research and contact writing. She enjoys reading magazines in her spare time.


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