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Smartphone at school: 10 ways in which the gadget will be useful at school

Communication experts told us what functions of the smartphone turn it into a really useful device that helps in the classroom.


a guy in the school library with a smartphone in his hand

Schools are keeping up with the technological developments: interactive whiteboards, e-magazines, and tablets instead of textbooks. Not so long ago, even a calculator was banned in the classroom, and dates or formulas had to be peeked at in cheat sheets made with amazing ingenuity. Today, every student has a smartphone with Internet access. Of course, children often appreciate the entertainment features of the gadget, but this does not mean that it will not be useful at school. Communication experts told us what functions of the smartphone turn it into a really useful device that helps in the classroom.

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It's a good thing that schoolchildren no longer need to learn how to handle bills! And the usual electronic counting machines are already a thing of the past, giving way to a smartphone in the "schoolboy basket". After all, why carry multiple devices with you when everything is in one gadget? Besides, with the help of the built-in calculator, it is much more convenient to calculate the most complex formulas that are not subject to conventional devices.


Students can use a special app to determine the size of items? Why not? Both wooden and plastic rulers are easily broken and lost, but the electronic one is always in your pocket. You never know what you will need to measure in the labor class.


You can quickly write down your homework or the necessary organizational information in the notepad app — it can also sync with the calendar — very convenient when everything is in sight.


Working with a dictionary is certainly a useful skill, but sometimes you need to translate a word quickly and as accurately as possible. And here the student will benefit from the ease of the translator application, which will tell you the meaning of the word and even synonyms. A great tool to cope with any task, and at the same time to replenish your vocabulary.


There is little substitute for the pleasure of reading paper pages, but carrying a few heavy books everywhere is very tedious for students of any age. Additionally, you can download thousands of books to the electronic library and read them during a break. And it is much easier to find the necessary passage during the lesson in the electronic version than to leaf through the book and take up time from the whole class.

Voice recorder

Sometimes there are not enough textbook materials to do your homework and you need to listen to what was said in the lesson again. In such a situation, the student can use the voice recorder with the teacher's permission and later repeat the material at home to find additional information on his own. During the preparation period for tests and exams, this is a particularly useful option!

Clock, stopwatch, alarm clock

In the morning, before the first lesson, I want to sleep an extra five or ten minutes...So you can be late! It's good that the smartphone has an alarm clock that persistently repeats the signal and does not let you sleep through everything. And for a stopwatch, there is a use in a physical education class, where it is best to pass the standard.


If the child is studying in the second shift or independently returns in the evening from the classes, the road will be much safer with lighting. Modern models of smartphones are equipped with quite powerful flashlights that turn on with a single swipe of your finger.

Flash drive and email

Creative homework or a report look better in the presentation format, especially since modern whiteboards allow you to show slides. In order not to forget anything at home, you can download the presentation to your phone and use it as a flash drive, or send the materials to your email and then download them to your school computer.

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