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Shopkeeper buys stolen iPhone and tries to sell to smartphone owner

The shopkeeper was arrested during the negotiation of the iPhone with the smartphone owner in a Brazilian mall which has been combined the negotiations


A 49 year old Brazilian shopkeeper got burned really bad when negotiated a stolen iPhone smartphone with the device's owner.

This happened on Friday July 18 in Curitiba (Brazilian City) when the shopkeeper Sebastião Carlos Moreira received the money from the victim. He was caught red-handed by Brazilian police.

seized phones
Photographer: Juliano Cunha | Seized products

Sebastião owns a mobile phone shop in Brazil where he bought the stolen iPhone, a message was displayed on the phone: "This phone was lost" and also the mother's phone number of the smartphone's owner.

The shopkeeper then called the victim's mother and negotiated the iPhone for about 120 dollars. According to the shopkeeper the cash value would be to bear the costs of purchase. He also mentioned in the conversation to not involve the police.

In the negotiation was combined the place of the phone delivery in a mall, the victim's aunt pretended to be the smartphone owner. Upon arriving at the place they went to an ATM machine and during the negotiation the police took action.

The shopkeeper tried to explain that he was doing nothing wrong but nothing helped. To make matters worse the police visited the shopkeeper store and discovered he had no business license and invoices of products were missing.

The Brazilian Police confirmed the arrest of Sebastião Carlos Moreira and said all products were seized. Most products were smartphones and tablets.

Sebastião Carlos Moreira
Sebastião Carlos Moreira



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