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Reasons why Peppol service provider can help your business be competitive

Peppol makes it easier to send and receive electronic invoices and other documents. It makes sure that data is put into financial operations in a logical, digital and timely way.


a man and a woman at the table checking invoices

E-invoicing is the most efficient and safe way to send and receive invoices today. E-invoicing saves time, paper, and money by cutting down on the amount of time, paper, and money it takes to complete a deal.

Australia sends and receives a lot of invoices every year, so this is a good thing. There are three main ways to send invoices: by email, mail, or by fax. E-invoicing, on the other hand, is still in its early stages.

It will be like email for fax and postal services. For both businesses and their suppliers, the use of modern data transfer methods may be good.

Human error is less likely to happen with this tool, which lets users pay suppliers faster and better manage their cash flow. For the benefits of e-invoicing, you need to understand how and why your small business should use it in its bookkeeping.

Tickstar services is part of the peppol network, which connects accounting services in Australia. There are 38 countries in the Peppol network that allow e-invoicing, including Australia and New Zealand. As part of Agreement, the "peppol e-invoicing"network will be used to send invoices between Australia and New Zealand, so they can pay each other.

Businesses that want to send and receive e-invoices must use Peppol-enabled accounting software. These peppol service provider have been approved by the Australian peppol service provider, which means they can work on the network safely. People will be able to talk as long as both your service provider and the network that isn't your service provider are Peppol-enabled.

People who work for the government in Australia will have to send their invoices electronically by July 2022. To pay e-invoices less than $1 million in cash, the Australian government will have to do this by the end of 2020. A lot more businesses are taking advantage of this because it is becoming more and more common.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Peppol

You might become a government favorite.

People who work for businesses can choose from a variety of ways to send electronic invoices. It's also important to note that peppol network is the official EU standard for public-sector providers in EU member states.

There must be a standard for e-invoicing in the EU called PEPPOL, which means that all EU public bodies must be able to accept e-invoices that meet its rules. Because of the peppol invoicing standard, you can send electronic invoices to state and local governments, as well as other public sector organizations in the EU, all at the same time

If you now send your invoices online, the government may have told you to do so, and you may have to do it. PEPPOL is a standard that makes it easy to meet this rule. PEPPOL also gives you an advantage over your competitors who haven't used it yet.

Sending electronic invoices using the peppol invoice format standard meets all of the EU's strictest e-invoicing requirements.

A lot of people play a role in the exchange of electronic invoices between businesses. Even though there is only one sender and one receiver, there may be a lot of intermediates - companies that make sure the invoices get to the right people.

All of us had been waiting for peppol integration to show up, and now he has! There is already a lot of the EU rule that started it all that has spread far outside the borders of the EU. Businesses from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United States are part of the network, as are other businesses.

Peppol makes it easier to send and receive electronic invoices and other documents. It makes sure that data is put into financial operations in a logical, digital, and timely way. It has a lot of advantages over traditional VAN services and the so-called operator network for both buyers and sellers, both of whom can use it. It costs less, is easier to set up, and is easier to use if all of the people who want to send electronic documents are registered in a Peppol-enabled country.

If you have a network, however, it's only powerful as long as the weakest link in it is strong. Using the peppol agencies services to send and receive e-invoices may be difficult because people make mistakes and misunderstand what they are supposed to do. A bad situation would be when no one gets any of the emails or text messages. In the following list, you will find a list of the most common problems that Peppol has with its network.

What Exactly Can Do Peppol Service Provider for Your Firm

To reap the benefits of e-invoicing and get your money faster, you first need to be using a Peppol-accredited accounting software provider. As e-invoicing is relatively new to Australia, some accounting systems are still developing their e-invoicing functionality. Many have partnered with peppol e-invoicing networkservices such as Tickstar to offer e-invoicing as an add-on within their software.

We’ve researched and reached out to the most popular small business accounting software providers in Australia to find out how far into the process they are in making e-invoicing available. So, if you’re ready to take the next step, click on the links below to compare providers and get in touch with their sales teams to discuss how they can best service your business’ bookkeeping needs. We also recommend speaking with a trusted advisor who knows your business to determine which service provider is best suited to you.

With e-invoicing, you avoid the time and effort involved in generating PDF or paper invoices for clients by instantly sending them an electronic copy instead. Removing the risk of human error means that you can get paid faster and will no longer need to waste time and money chasing clients for payment. To learn more about e-invoicing and the steps you can take to get started, head to

For companies with extremely low volume sending requirements, there are vendors who offer a free service. This is often based around an online portal where the user generates a normal invoice and then has to enter the invoice data into online fields manually. While this may be workable for 1 or 2 invoices per month, if the volume of e-invoices you are sending grows then this process will become very time-consuming. These free services can be a fantastic starting point that can enable you to get started immediately, however they ought to be positioned as a short term solution. Scalability, integration methods and pricing at higher volumes should still remain factors in which free service you opt to use as undoubtedly your volumes will change as more of your trading partners get connected.

Also, just because a subscription says “e-invoicing”, that doesn’t mean its e-invoicing via the PEPPOL network. Some companies have a proprietary e-invoicing format that allows all the customers on their platform to transact with each other. If it doesn’t say PEPPOL then it could be a proprietary process and might not be what you need.

a man and a woman at the table checking invoices

How Long Will It Take for Providers to Implement Peppol

Our company has been supplying Peppol infrastructure for the better part of a decade, including accreditation of Peppol access points as well as the technical elements of creating and hosting. Tickstar can have your company Peppol-ready in as little as a few work days!

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