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Nokia will use technology capable of change the focus after you take the picture

Nokia will use Pelican Imaging technology that allows high-resolution photos with changing the focus after you take them


Pelican Imaging

Since long time ago the cameras of Nokia’s cell phones has a good reputation for always being ahead of many competitors.

Now it's time for Nokia to use a technology called Pelican Imaging, which allows you to shoot with a very high resolution and consequently makes it possible to change the focus even after the picture is taken.

In addition to improving the focus, the phones can be thinner, which doesn’t happen in some Nokia phones due to the size of the cameras.

Pelican Imaging technology was developed by a California startup that has caught the attention of Nokia now supports the technology through its investment program, the Nokia Growth Partners.

The following video about the Pelican Imaging technology:

It’s unclear which Nokia models will receive this technology, but it’s expected that this technology is present on the new Lumia models.


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