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Mobile version of CRM: Key features

CRM can have a mobile version. In this article we tell about its key features.


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Companies are more worried about revenue increase and growth than any other factor within the business. Sales work is, therefore, more robust and requires more attention with the pressure from companies for sales reps to make more conversions. Companies are therefore on the outlook for more vigorous marketing tools in order to increase their sales and consequently, revenue, particularly by integrating low code platforms.

CRM software is, therefore, a business priority every business should integrate into their company’s mobile phones. Low code, however, makes this process much easier and conceivable. This is the right time you should wonder what CRM software is and therefore read more about it. According to, over 12% of new businesses are adopting the use of low-code in developing mobile version CRMs. However, choosing the right version of a mobile CRM remains a key challenge to a number of companies. Let’s look at some of the key features you should be looking for before settling on any mobile version of CRM.

1. Import contacts, calls and SMS records

The ability to synchronize data between mobile and your CRM software makes work easier for the sales team. Being able to import contacts, SMS, and calls from your mobile reduces data entry time as well as errors associated with manual data entry. However, it is better to have this sync with a company phone to avoid importing personal data as well.

2. Offline access and online data sync

With the ever-changing environmental conditions, you can never tell when you will go offline. Sales situations may also require that you communicate more frequently. Online syncs, therefore, allow you to avail data and information even when your phone battery goes off. The app should also be able to sync in the background when a connection is restored without losing data. This way, mobile CRM solutions will give your sales team a lasting memorable experience.

3. Team messaging and task assignment

Being able to engage collectively as a team through a mobile app is very crucial for a business. The mobile version CRM should have features that enable you to tag colleagues, assign tasks to teams as well as send collective messages without having to switch between apps.

The ability to set task reminders is another great feature. This CRM feature should be able to allow users to set automatic reminders while also integrating with other apps to make monitoring and leads conversion more efficient.

Aggregating customer data from a number of sources including social media, calls, live chat, and email makes your work out in the field stress-free. The CRM app should also be able to provide real-time analysis and notifications for every customer using an interactive sales signal feature. Low-code development platforms make integrating these features seamless and easy.

4. Mobile interface, push notifications and voice recording

CRM software form mobile should not transfer desktop or web functions to the mobile platform. Apps that are customized with the mobile interface functionalities are lighter, efficient, and makes work easier. Always check user reviews for the best app before settling on one. Apart from the mobile interface, it should have features such as voice recording and push notifications enabled or capabilities to sync with other apps that should be enabled.

5. Integration with mobile-optimized apps

Developing apps with all the features you need to be enabled in it is not practical. As such, the mobile CRM software you choose should be able to integrate effectively with other apps whether desktop or mobile versions. Having desktop-like features on mobile, for instance, makes work thrilling as you do not have to learn or adapt to the different mobile versions.

6. Business card scans

Adding contacts manually into your CRM database may not be a thrilling experience going by the volumes of new contacts sales and marketing teams meet every day. Getting a mobile CRM that is able to scan a business card and automatically add contact information. This feature is particularly important to sales reps coming from a key networking event such as a workshop or trade show with a pile of business cards.

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