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Mobile app development: Basic strategies and latest trends

The main trends for the next two years will be definitely on blockchain technologies and artificial intelligence

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Mobile apps can revolutionize the way you do your business and the way you elevate your employee productivity.

Going mobile has already become an essential part of any successful business strategy. How many successful companies without mobile app development services can you name in 2018? It is hard not to follow the latest trends in mobile application development in the age of mobile computing and online marketing. If you want to succeed, you need to adapt to the user needs and the business requirements. For now, it is all about mobile applications.

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The Way Mobile Apps Transform Your Business

Developing your personal mobile app is no more a question of surviving on a competitive market only. Even if you are not ready to accept the rules of the game, it is impossible to stop the progress. Want to evaluate your business security? Work on the app development. Want to optimize key operations with a higher level of productivity? Work on the app development.

The number of IoT trends and high usage of mobile apps are two major factors driving the growth of the mobile application development market. If you expect to increase the revenue without losing the productivity, you have to start adapting your own business strategy to these tendencies too. Where to start? First of all, get to know some basic trends in online marketing and mobile application for the next year at least. And find an experienced team, which is ready to follow those trends, implementing the latest technologies and solutions.

What are the trends? Let's have a look.

5 Biggest Trends for 2018-2019

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The main focus for the next two years will be definitely on blockchain technologies and artificial intelligence, complementing already a rapidly growing market of IoT and cloud computing.

  1. Cloud applications. Cloud platforms are there if it is needed to create a flexible and scalable business environment. Why cloud computing? It makes your app more powerful and easy to use with the added functionality from the cloud.
  2. Mobile wallets. This trend was a breakthrough in the beginning of 2017. And you don't need to be an expert to expect the growth of it during the next couple of years. Why? Mobile wallets are associated with convenience and speed, as well as security. And mobile app security is one of the main focuses for the next year as well.
  3. Artificial intelligence. The correct usage of artificial intelligence and chatbots will improve the customer experience and interaction with your business.
  4. Augmented reality. Using AR in your mobile application development strategy will enhance the way your customers interact with your services faster than anything else. It will change the way they navigate and shop, making your key services efficient.
  5. IoT. As we have already mentioned, IoT is probably the hottest trend for 2018. The number of smart home technologies is growing, making houses more interactive and businesses more efficient by analyzing the Big Data from those IoT devices.

Want your company to grow in 2019? Be serious about looking for mobile application development services now.


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