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Major software companies based in Europe

There has never been a more appropriate time to invest in the European technology field. See the list of software companies founded in Europe


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There has never been a more appropriate time to invest in the European technology field. It is because this region has already beaten the USA in technology. Moreover, its technological landscape scales up outside the fixed centers of the continent.

Top-line surveys on this subject emphasize three big cities of Berlin, Paris, and London. These places made up the bigger part of capital investments in Europe for 2019.

While the tech ecosystem develops, the possibilities for qualified investors are expanding too. Many leading venture capitalists from Europe have experienced many trade cycles. And it has assisted them with accumulating knowledge. So, they can identify startups with great potential and help them to grow up.

It implies that fewer startups founded in Europe need to apply to America for the resources. And more venture capitalists from Europe are entering this much expanding industry.

Lists of Software Companies Founded in Europe

When we consider technology giants, we mind Silicon Valley. Yet, America is a small part of world technological history. We provide an overview of the biggest software companies in Europe that you can rely on:

  • Mangosoft is an innovative software company that delivers enterprise software, website, and mobile app development services.
  • N-IX is a software company that has expertise in blockchain, cloud solutions, embedded software, and others.
  • ITRANSITION is a software development company that delivers customization of enterprise solutions.
  • SCIENCESOFT is a software development and IT consulting provider that has expertise in Data Analysis, CRM, and others.
  • ELEKS is a software engineering company and its specialties cover financial and retail fields.

Europe is becoming much more resourceful for technological entrepreneurs. The United Kingdom is home to the largest gross value of many tech European companies. Yet, the greatest companies are the Scandinavian ones. The Spotify service is of the greatest value in Europe. What is more, the GP Bullhound investment firm estimated it at 16 billion dollars.

The top-notch alliance worth 10 billion dollars involves the following largest software companies - a German e-commerce company, Zalando, and a Finnish game development company, Supercell.

As we see, these extensive technological ecosystems produce many benefits. In spite of that, the largest growth of venture financing in 2018 occurred in Italy, Spain, and Belgium.

No doubt, we do not hope to see London's leading position will get threatened sooner. Moreover, this place is producing the most varied and prevalent tech landscape. It is the glad tidings for businessmen and venture capitalists.

Many leading companies based in Madrid, Amsterdam, and Stockholm imply those venture capitalists seeking out 20x profit should now go beyond the conventional European centers. No doubt, the next 10 billion dollars companies will be based beyond the three major cities. With the borderless nature of the EU, its technological talent can move where the development is not limited by national boundaries.


The place that fits software creation most of all is contingent on one's brand requirements. It is because various countries succeed in diverse fields of program solutions. Yet, Eastern Europe is the highest value as far ROI (return on investment) for software solutions is concerned. Leading organizations in this industry provide cost-efficient development expenses. And they show in-depth awareness of the foreign market and have comprehensive expertise.

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