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Japanese girl creates light ring to take selfies in low light places

Japanese photographer creates light ring to take well-lit selfies with the front-camera


julie watai kira

Like it or not of selfies, inventions for it doesn't stop. After the "stick selfie" now is the time of "selfie ring" or "selfie light ring" also called "Kira" by the project creator.

The Japanese photographer Julie Watai who appears in photos of this news said that she was disappointed with your iPhone to take selfies in low light. Then she had the idea to create the "Kira": The ring that emits light for front cameras and allows it to be attached in the smartphone. Julie is already looking for public funding to launch the product in the market.

kira selfie

The project is the result of several prototypes. The "selfie ring" works with 2 AAA batteries and is connected to a cable, but the final version will have internal battery and no exposed cables.

Besides the price, battery life and weight are still unknown, but the light emitted by the ring may be adjusted and its dimensions are of 90x90x30mm.

kira selfie

Following the selfies wave with the front-camera, the Samsung, Sony, HTC and others brands have launched smartphones with frontal flash. You can check the technical specifications of some devices here on the, such as the Xperia C4, Galaxy J5, Galaxy J7 and HTC Desire Eye.

More photos and information about the Kira project in Kibi-Dango japanese website which the project is hosted.



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