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iOS app testing: Types and benefits

In this post, let us get acquainted with the types of iOS app testing methods and why such services are crucial and beneficial for the consumers and the manufacturers that crafted them.


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App programming is one of the hottest professions today in the field of computerization and mobile technology. Every day, they are designed, created, and tested so that they can be launched without too much trouble for the consumers. If you are planning to make an app intended for iOS soon, the information mentioned below could greatly help you.

In this post, let us get acquainted with the types of iOS app testing methods and why such services are crucial and beneficial for the consumers and the manufacturers that crafted them.

Alpha Testing

This is often the general drill to be conducted by most software manufacturers. In this process, the newly-crafted app is put to the first usage so the possible troubles that may sprout from it can be addressed. This is the manufacturer’s way of figuring out if the app is good enough to be released to market already or if it needs to undergo some more improvements.

Beta Testing

As the name implies, it happens after an alpha test has already been done. Often, an app gets released after it has been through beta testing, which could have other types of sub-categories. The errors that occurred during the alpha test will be addressed and fixed, and the developers or testers will then note those troubles and use them to get valid data as to how the app could be improved.

Acceptance Testing

In this phase, the app is tested by a group of end-users. This is how the developers will obtain information on how the app would behave when tested by actual consumers. The sub-tests that follow will be dependent on how the users will respond to some more developments by the programmer.

Accessibility Testing

This is where the app will be observed if it is helpful enough for people who have physical disabilities. Often, the tests will cater to those who have visual or hearing impairments. In the former, screen resolutions, font sizes, or interface colors in high contrast will be featured in varying degrees to figure out what setting is the most ideal.

Database Testing

This is usually done for apps that revolve around the concept of data storage and retrieval. Since accurate data is the bread and butter of the entirety of app development, the efficiency of an app as it handles the process of storing and reopening strands of data is one of the most important processes there is. Such a method usually utilizes querying and SQL commands that are also very vital to database development.

Browser Compatibility Testing

For browser-based apps, this is very important. Although Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge are currently the most popular browsers these days, others are prepackaged in some mobile phones and tablets by default. To truly address troubles that might arise in using those other browsers, this phase is also conducted by app developers.

There are countless other types of app testing if we are to ask the experts. However, the ones mentioned above seem to be the most common and crucial. Now let’s discuss the importance of why those services must take place in iOS app testing. To better understand the matter, let us get to know the advantages of iOS apps compared to Android or other similar operating systems.

Advantages of iOS Apps

They provide a greater number of updates.

For the past six years, iOS has been providing updates, bug fixes, and patches more than Android – it is a fact. Even when Android and others offer their updates, not too many users get them. One of the reasons this is so is that Apple, the manufacturer of iOS, has a far better customer support system. The customer care aspect of the company is among the very best in the world, even when pitted against other companies.

They are far more user-friendly.

Steve Jobs, the greatest mind behind the creation of Apple, was known to be a design perfectionist. Because he has etched his motivations into the company’s core principles, their programmers and designers were able to make the best products that users all over the world will find very easy and convenient to use.

They have greater security.

In addition to the design perfection that Apple products are known for, top-level security is also something that users can highly expect. For instance, if an iPhone is stolen, it has a tougher security feature to deal with. Android, as well as other handheld OS brands, is nowhere near as efficient as iOS in terms of handling such a scenario.

Market and Economy

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