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iMind helps to make international collaboration easy: Customers' reviews

These platforms provide an opportunity not only to communicate in a chat personally but also to promote commercial products, as well as hold a conference for anyone in the world.


man on smartphone video conference

In the realities of our time, the organization and holding of various mass events in the U.S.A. online are very much in demand. This makes it possible not only to comply with quarantine measures but also to reach a huge audience via a video conferencing platform. Broadcasting in real-time creates a lot of positive moments. Web platforms like iMind have become more than just social networks. They provide an opportunity not only to communicate in a chat personally but also to promote commercial products, as well as hold a seminar and conference for a participant in the U.S. or any other place without borders.

But only professional equipment and people working with it can provide a decent quality of online call broadcasting. A clear picture, good sound, and transmission without time delay are the criteria that will help to talk and carry out any event without failures and problems.

Why iMind Is a Great Tool for Individual Conversations and Team Meetings?

man on smartphone video conference

The need for a simultaneous personal presence in several places at the same time is solved with the help of the iMind tool functionality. If you need to join immediately or gather in one (albeit virtual) meeting numerous and extremely busy managers and experts of various levels, are often located in different geographical locations. This is solved with the help of online chat for business and great volume.

Video conferencing saves time and is necessary where the real cost of this time is high for various reasons. iMind provides this opportunity as there is a conference recording option. Today, two technologies coexist on the market that provides the possibility of video communication and video conferencing - software and hardware (devices and video conferencing systems). Both have their own merits and demerits. Markets for software and hardware solutions for videoconferencing have different audiences. That is why you should choose what is best for you personally. Read more on the official iMind Facebook account.

What Opportunities the iMind Platform Offers to Customers in the United States?

What must be included in your perfect platform? Let’s look at this list of function and feature sets:

  • Technical support - how the technical service works and whether its employees will be able to quickly debug the system in case something goes wrong during the webinar.
  • Branding - is it possible to add a logo, corporate font, or change the color of the webinar room. Also, learn about the landing page builder and registration forms.
  • Interface - simple or complex work surface, whether expert advice is needed for a participant.
  • Mobile version – is it possible for users to watch the webinar from a smartphone through an application or on a page in a browser?

With iMind video conferencing tool for companies, you have even more, including, good volume, recording, noise suppression, screen sharing, and a chat for business.

How Can You Start Using iMind?

The simplicity of use of the iMind video conferencing service is one of its primary advantages. Clicking the link is all that is required to access the room and start interacting with others. Neither downloading nor registering are necessary for the software. If you're hosting, go to the website, choose a plan (you may use a free plan), enter the meeting location, and then email the link to your guests.

What Do Users Like About Using iMind?

iMind has a ton of evaluations from individuals all over the world, including the USA, to demonstrate its high quality and level of service. You may read iMind reviews and evaluate the advantages for yourself on g2 reviews.

You must first take care of dependable service for lectures and video conferencing if you decide to start arranging online training or converting part of your conferences to the Internet format. The program to choose is iMind since it includes all the features you need for work or school.


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