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How to use a smartphone against domestic violence

Unfortunately, even in these modern and technologically advanced times, incidents of domestic violence, sexual assaults and harassment keep happening to us, or those around us.

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We live in a world that is progressing every day. Unfortunately, even in these modern and technologically advanced times, incidents of domestic violence, sexual assaults and harassment keep happening to us, or those around us.

According to the stats in New York City, 1 in every 3 women and 1 in every 4 men experience abuse in one form or the other. From emotional to physical abuse, domestic abuse can take various forms.

Many such incidents are reported, but a vast majority of victims don’t speak up about what happened to them. Some are afraid to speak up against domestic abusers because of peer pressure while others don’t speak up as they don’t have proof to support their claims.

Even though women are more likely victims, men are victimized as well. What’s more, domestic abuse isn’t restricted to romantic relationships only. Parents, family members, caregivers, etc. can be violent and abusive as well.

Smartphone Applications that can Help

Similar to telemedicine and electronic health records, smartphone applications are improving patient outcomes & are improving healthcare. There are multiple apps that one can use to manage chronic health conditions such as diabetes, cancer, etc.

Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise that there are smartphone apps, such as those by Cornell tech, that can help with assault issues as well. Here are a few cell phone applications that you can install on your phone and they can be helpful in violence against women and men.

• One Love

This app is designed by a team of researchers at the John Hopkins School of Nursing. It is a collaboration between the school and the One Love Foundation. With this application, the user can see if they are in an abusive relationship, or whether they are in danger of facing intimate partner violence in the future.

After you answer a series of questions, the condition of your relationship is assessed and you get a danger level rating from low to high. Moreover, the app also helps the users create a plan that they can implement in case of abuse.

The plan can include going to the nearest shelter, or notifying a trusted family member or friend who can then call the law authorities. There is a live chat feature as well and you can talk to a support representative for further advice.

However, while technology has not completely eradicated violent behavior, it has made it a bit easier for victims to speak up. Safety planning is the right way to prevent as well as respond to the assault.

However, a large majority of individuals in abusive relationships don’t access help services, such as safe houses & shelters, health care clinics, or reach out to the criminal justice system. The goal of this app is to use evidence-based tools to help provide those in difficult situations access to the right facilities.

• Sojourner Peace App

This app is designed by the Sojourner Family Peace Center as a collaboration with the University of Wisconsin. It is perfect for people who are searching for important resources after a domestic violence incident has occurred.

The digital application will provide your contact details for charities, law services, emergency care options, etc. You will get help sorting out any legal, custodial, and financial issues, while you are doing safety planning, and after a violent incident takes place.

If you fear for your security, you need to get away from your abuser. Download this free social app from an online website or your local app store. The app will maintain your privacy and you can report the abuser to the concerned authorities.

• Aspire News

When a person is experiencing violence, they feel unsafe while using their phones to find resources for help. For instance, many people are scared that the abuser will check their phone or browser history, or will listen to their phone calls.

This is where the Aspire News application comes in. It hides your information and looks like a regular news site. Even if your abuser checks your phone, he/she will not find anything. However, in the help section, there are names and contact details for all the resources that will help you break the cycle of violence.

You can access the resources and get help if your intimate partner becomes abusive. Learn to recognize the patterns of violence. With this app, you can get in touch with the authorities at the click of a button. When something happens to you, you can either ensure the other person pays for it, or you can pretend that it never happened.

With the help of violence reporting applications, you can ensure that the culprit is caught. When we think that we are alone, we hesitate to take action. There is strength in numbers – when you realize that individuals out there are going through what you did, and you saying something will save them, you work up the courage to speak up.

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Use Your Smartphone to Report Domestic Violence - Final Word

We live in a progressive world. However, despite the changing environment, individuals still choose to remain silent and don’t report such incidents. This is because it is not easy to come forward.

Victims are afraid that if they come forward, no one will believe them and things will become even harder for them. However, violence reporting apps are empowering the harassed individuals to change this case.

We have mentioned a few apps that you can use to combat violence. You can use these apps to alert your friends to sexual harassment incidents, document an incident, and a lot more. However, we suggest that you always call 911 first if you think you are in danger.

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