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How to take a good Instagram photo with your phone

There have been over 50 billion photos posted on Instagram since its launch and it is now known as the biggest digital photo archive in the world.


woman taking a selfie with her smartphone

Are you tired of constantly seeing amazing photos on Instagram and not knowing how to keep up with the standards? Are you worried that just because you don’t have a fancy camera, the quality of your content will not be good enough for Instagram?

There have been over 50 billion photos posted on Instagram since its launch in 2011, and it is now known as the biggest digital photo archive in the world. Instagram used to be a purely photo-based app but over the years it has developed and it is not a place where you can post both photos and videos for the world to see.

People are visual beings and respond much more to visuals than they ever would to text. This is why Instagram has become so popular. At first, Instagram might look a bit complicated with everyone posting only the best quality photos. It may be overwhelming if you only have your phone and no fancy equipment. However, taking incredible photos on your smartphone is now easier than ever before. A good Instagram profile equals a good photo, and good photos equal more followers and great content. You already know that the number of your followers dictates your influence, and besides the possibility of using an online service to grow your Instagram like Growthsilo, you might want to consider improving the quality of your Instagram photos to broaden your audience. If you need some guidance on how to take photos for Instagram, here is what you should know.

Check your camera settings

As we all know, Instagram has its in-app camera function, which is great, but if you are looking to take the best photos possible, then using this feature might not be your best option. This is because it doesn’t take advantage of the full capabilities of your phone’s camera.

Before you start taking photos, you should play around with the settings a bit and see what they do and how they change the look of the photos. Settings can do a whole lot when it comes to changing a look from making things look more lifelike, adding in a bit of light when needed, and even changing between day and night mores to suit the kind of lighting you are currently in. by knowing what camera settings your phone offers, you give yourself the best chance at taking stunning photos.

Check the lighting

Lighting is by far one of the most important elements when it comes to taking a photo. Understanding how to light a frame or a subject is crucial to having a good-looking photo.

Making use of natural light will always be your best option, but you should try to stay away from any kinds of harsh lighting sources. If you are taking a selfie, you want the lighting source to be in front of you, to light up your face properly. This could be anything from standing in front of a window to making sure you know which way the sun is facing.

If you are taking photos indoors, you want to be aware of how much light is available as typically camera phones do not pick up lighting indoors as well as they do outdoors.

Learn about the rule of thirds

One of the basic photography lessons is the rule of thirds. The rule of thirds is a simple composition technique that is employed to make every photo look good. The idea behind this is that you break up the frame into three equal horizontal lines and three equal vertical lines.

When composing a shot, you can take advantage of these three lines however you seem fine but you never want to go too close to the edge of the frame. When composing selfies, you want your eyeliner to fall on the bottom of the highest line, when composing nature shots, you could frame them with the horizon either on the top line or the bottom line. To avoid any boring photos, you should stay away from framing things right in the center of the photo.

Add some depth

We are living in a 3D world and photos can only portray a two-dimensional part of that. If you want to make your photos more interesting, then you should consider adding in some depth. Depth can be added in so many different ways, but by far the best ways to go about doing this are by adding in something in the foreground or the background. This will physically show the depth in your frame.

Good Instagram photos are an excellent way to get more followers and make them interact with you. Of course, there are various ways and tools available online to help you do that, and you can check out this article if you are interested. But since Instagram is a visual platform, you must pay attention to the quality of photos you post if you want to keep your followers engaged.

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