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How to read someone’s text messages without installing software on their phone?

You can preview their social media profiles and read their conversations without installing any software on their phone.

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Are you worried about why your partner or kids are stick to their phones day and night? Did you ever try to know about their social lives and the reason behind their possessiveness towards mobile phone? Do you want to watch over employees to check who the wrongdoer is?

You would be glad to be on this page as we have got the best solution to your anxiety. You don’t have to hire an agent to keep an eye on your loved ones. You can preview their social media profiles and read their conversations without installing any software on their phone.

You don’t have to fall off the prey of online scammers while searching for spying utilities. Learning programming skills is not a requirement to sneak peek into someone’s device anymore. Read this article to know the secret ways to oversee someone’s messages.

Is Spying possible Without any App Installation?

Of course! Now you can read anyone’s conversations without introducing spying applications to their mobile phone. You can get a free trial for a specified period of time. However, you must buy the subscription packages for a more safe spying practice.

The cloud-based services support remote app installation for iOS devices. But, spying on Android mobile phones is different as you can’t install any app without touching them physically.

Cocospy, Spy on anyone’s Mobile Phone Remotely

You can definitely believe these words as Cocospy is there to assist you in supervising someone’s messages remotely by Cocospy. Recognized as the best spying application by media outlets such as Tom's Guide, CNET, New York Times, Cocospy is a reliable utility.

Gone are the days when physical contact with the target mobile phone was a prerequisite to oversee anyone’s conversation. Nowadays, you can access anyone’s mobile phone remotely to read their messages without them knowing it.

Millions of Cocospy consumers use it from more than 190 countries for an easier spying experience. It allows you to penetrate into the target system without any technical expertise. It is designed to provide maximum efficiency to novices by offering safe and secure spying practices.

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Conveniently Read messages with Cocospy

Cocospy allows you to spy on text messages by Cocospy without resetting the target device. Cocospy is a hidden surveillance application for messages to watch over anyone’s private chats without installing it to target mobile phones.

It is an ideal solution for parents as they can monitor their kids' conversations and know their interests by keeping an eye on their social networking profiles. Managers also employ Cocospy for observing the discussions of the employees about the firm.

The list of conveniences brought by Cocospy goes long but you can read through the following significant ones.

  • Track iMessages and SMS

Cocospy assists you in reading all the incoming and outgoing messages from the target mobile phone. You can check the time and duration of messages remotely. Moreover, you can also access MMS files and browse deleted messages with Cocospy. It remains undetectable.


  • Stealth Mode

Cocospy discreetly works in the background without generating any notifications. It does not drain the battery and allow you to spy over messages stealthily without being noticed. Cocospy logo hides from the app drawer thus it remains undetectable by the phone owner.

  • Track Social Media Accounts

Cocospy allows spying over all social media accounts including WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and many more. You can stealthily read their conversations on all social media sites without touching their phone.

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  • Enable Geo-Fence Alerts

You can draw a virtual boundary on maps for the target device. Cocospy generates automated alerts to inform you that the target person enters or leaves the predefined zones. Geo-Fence alerts are useful for specifying boundaries for the target device.

geofence alerts

  • Monitor Call Logs

Cocospy can help you to check who your loved ones have been calling. You can monitor call logs which includes detailed information about dialed numbers such as call duration and frequency along with timestamps.

call history

  • Check Browser History

History Tracker by CocoFax helps you to browse the most-visited websites from the target device. You can view their bookmarks and searches made on the target mobile phone even if they are cleared by the user.

browser history

  • Track SIM Location

You can use the SIM Tracker of Cocospy to get the real-time location of anyone’s mobile phone. You can also get their IMEI number and past check-ins remotely with Cocospy. It is also helpful to check whether they have changed their contact number or not.

track location

  • Android Keylogger

You can get every bit of information from the target device with the help of Keylogger. All key presses made on the target mobile phone are stored in your Cocospy account. You can use these keystrokes to get the login credentials of various accounts owned by your loved ones.


How to get started with Spying via Cocospy

Cocospy does not incorporate any complicated measures to use it. You can use its versatile features to keep an eye on your loved ones round the clock.

Follow the below-mentioned guidelines to use Cocospy for monitoring any operating system easily.

  • Step 1:

Open the official website of Cocospy and navigate to the Signup button to create a new account. Registering with Cocospy is a must to use its services remotely.

cocospy - sign up

  • Step 2:

Select the target device type you want to monitor. The installation process of Cocospy is different for Android and iOS devices however the basic working mechanism is the same.

Install Cocospy remotely using the iCloud credentials. This will sync the data of the target iPhone with Cocospy which could be viewed from any internet-capable device.

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  • Step 3:

Once you are done with the installation process, click on the finish button to hide the app icon from the target mobile phone. You can check all types of information stored, modified or deleted by the target device from the Cocospy dashboard.

cocospy - dashboard

Cocospy is impossible to detect as it employs cutting edge stealth technology. You can secretly read someone’s text messages by accessing their smartphone remotely. Open the Cocospy dashboard from any other corner of the world by keeping your identity confidential.


Cocospy is the best stealth app to read messages undetectably. Your loved ones would never get suspicious about your monitoring activities. Cocospy works just like a secret spying agent and does not reveals your personal information. Cocospy database is not programmed to store your personal data thus ensuring your safety.

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