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How to own the latest phone tech without breaking your budget


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Brand values help businesses connect with their target market, but they are also powerful messages that customers rely on to express their personality and aspirations. Apple’s iPhone is a classic case of the way that a company’s core values can resonates powerfully with their audience. Savvy phone owners wishing to convey their love for design, functionality, and simple elegance opt for high-end phones and devices since nowadays, simply pulling your phone out of your pocket says a lot about who you are. If you are mad about high-end devices and you wish to own a top or newly released model, it is easy to do so without scrimping on other areas of your life.

Working Out Sources of Wasted Expenditure

Try to think of the places you love using your iPhone. Is it at that gourmet coffee shop that charges you $5 for a cup of coffee, or at that gourmet bistro you often find yourself popping into because you haven’t prepared a packed lunch for work the night before? The dangerous thing about small daily splurges is that they add up considerably as the month progresses. If you can commit to paying for everything by card for one month, download an app like Mint or PocketGuard. These apps will record every expenditure, putting the latter into categories so you can clearly see exactly where you are going and how much those little luxuries are wresting from your ability to buy high-end gadgets.

Balancing Hobbies with Major Loans

There is no doubt that some moments in life force you to tighten your belt. This is the case, for instance, when you are in the process of buying a new home or you are paying off a student loan. Budgeting is vital when you are paying off various debts at once. So is doing research into the type of mortgages available. If you are eligible for an FHA (Federal Housing Administration) loan, for instance, you can look forward to lower down payments and closing costs. You can also qualify for credit more easily, provided you have a minimum credit rating. By parting with a smaller percentage of your savings at the outset of your home purchase, you can have more cash on hand for a small treat every month.

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Finding an Extra Source of Income

If you can find a part-time job that will garner you a few extra hundred dollars a month, imagine how much this can add up to in half a year. A freelance job that allows you to work from home won’t interfere with your quality of life too much, provided you set a limit on the number of hours you can dedicate to it. If your full-time income allows you to meet monthly expenses and set aside a little for savings, your second job can be dedicated to enjoying life to the full.

Most budgeting specialists will tell you to aim to buy gadgets/phones that last a lifetime and to avoid updating gadgets unless this is absolutely necessary. However, if gadgets are ‘your thing’ and you work in an industry in which having the right equipment is key for your branding, then your hobby may well be worth investing in. Do so by making extra income and by cutting down on other expenses, without getting into debt. This will enable you to have major life necessities (a home, vehicle etc) yet still feel like you can play a bit with the latest tech releases.

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