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How to make people watch your videos on YouTube

That is the audience to advertise to, isn't it? As appealing as it may seem it is not enough to appear on Youtube with no single clue on how to utilize its potential effectively.

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If you are not utilizing YouTube for business purposes yet, you must stop passing on an excellent opportunity to promote your business and enhance your brand recognition. Let’s start with the fact ( Statista provided) that monthly active users of Youtube are approximately 2.3 billion worldwide. That’s the audience to advertise to, isn’t it? Also, Youtube has appeared to be the second-most-popular search engine after Google. And according to Buffer, 62% of businesses use Youtube as a tool for effective brand promotion.

As appealing as it may seem it is not enough to appear on Youtube with no single clue on how to utilize its potential effectively. Just creating a video to make people aware of your product or service does a part of the job. You must actually make people aware by making them watch and respond to your content. Otherwise, resources are down the drain. Here are some tips for your videos to provoke interest and be coveted.

Be in alignment with your brand identity

Creating a YouTube channel you must stay on the purpose of its creation. You are on this channel for your brand and for the audience who should like it to the extent conversion levels go up. The identity of your brand ought to be observed in every single choice you make design-wise. Thumbnails (big one on whether the video is going to be chosen from the list or deadly ignored), headers, motion elements in the video itself must be in an ensemble with your product design representation and resonate with your website, or social media platform you run for business. The setting of the video must also represent what your brand is about, aligning with color palettes, filters used, etc.

Do not forget that whatever you shoot for your audience it must be of high quality. If you can have a studio to have the video done, it is perfect. However, if you seek a more budget-friendly option, create a studio at home, making sure the light ( one of the key elements of a good video) and the sound ( the next essential) can be arranged according to quality rules. Editing videos do not require a strong design skill to operate. Graphic design apps on the market offer so many options and most of them are for free (free Youtube intro maker, thumbnails for YouTube, free stock vectors, royalty-free stock images, free stock video footage, etc). The features are rich in tools to satisfy your graphic needs and easy to implement.

Entice people into watching

As it has been mentioned before, the thumbnail design is the first thing people see on the list and shape their decision whether they should proceed to watch. Make it as tempting to resist as possible. It must communicate the message most attractively ( have you seen those “what I eat in a day” videos’ thumbnails? Who will remain indifferent to all those bright and colorful food images alongside the happy face of the eater?). Even if your mission is not about food it is possible to find the triggering images, or words to make the people wanna watch the full content.

Next come the descriptions and titles. Here your aim is not limited by the audience. Youtube is a search engine and loves the presence of keywords. Relevant choice of keywords defines the potential of the video to be shown to the users. If that does not happen, your rivalry gets to be watched instead of you. Titles and descriptions rich in the right words ( read keys) enhance the chances of people’s choice favoring your content. Keyword generators are available for you to design the text that is noticed by the search engine and the people altogether.

Valuable and unique content

The content you share must add up value to the one who is going to consume it. Whatever is shown in your video must align with its description and do not confuse the user, otherwise, you will not be taken seriously if not eventually ignored at all. If there is a promise of a great skill acquisition then there must be at least an algorithm of how somebody can make that true.


Also, it is indeed hard to keep your head above the water in terms of severe competition and other video marketers providing solutions to the same problems. Of course, it will sound much easier in comparison with actual doing, however, you must find a unique angle of delivering the same message that thousands of others have. Think through what you have to say, look at the data on your audience, analyze engagements with the videos, and come up with a formula to deliver the information the way it has not been done before. It is a challenge, but rewarding enough.

People love easy to understand stuff, love when they feel as if the video was made especially for them, appreciate when the solution is loud and clear, and when the creator does not beat around the bush, rejoice in watching a lot of stuff from personal experience. If that is of any help - then help yourself.


Making videos for various marketing purposes is a powerful strategy to enhance your business potential. Users do not get tired of watching things on the Internet. The experience has evolved into not only watching for fun but searching for solutions to their issues, educating reasons, enhancing motivation, learning to cook shepherd’s pie from scratch, and the list may go on. Naturally, whatever you have to say in your video is also going to be reacted to. Just make sure to give a bit more boost to those reactions happening.

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