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How to listen to your favorite songs on your phone wherever you are

There are so many good music applications, one is spoiled for choice. This article will tell you how you can listen to your favorite songs on your phone!


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In the 21st century, it’s very rare to find a person who doesn’t carry their phone around in their pocket at all times. Phones are far more than just communication devices. They are our own personal laptops. We use them to read, research, talk to friends, play games, and listen to music.

There are so many good music applications, one is spoiled for choice. This article will tell you how you can listen to your favorite songs on your phone, wherever you are:


Spotify is the internet’s premier music streaming service. It has over 70 million songs available for you to listen to. You can stream Spotify on most devices, new and old. You can listen to people’s playlists for free. If you want to make your own playlists, then you have to subscribe.

A subscription to Spotify typically costs around $10 a month, though you can subscribe to Spotify Family for $16 a month. Spotify’s huge list of songs and podcasts, as well as its collaborative playlists and group listening, is why it is so popular.

If you’re a premium customer, then you can stream on Spotify without any advertisements. The free advertisement-based plan is popular, but the advertisements can become a nuisance after a while.

If you’re into public playlists and group listening, then Spotify could be for you.


Qobuz’s cost is what turns most people away. At $14.99, it is much pricier than its market rivals. However, it does offer a large high-resolution library. It is not one of the best-known streaming services, but in terms of sound and file quality, it is one of the most advanced. When you use Qobuz, you’ll have access to over 70,000 albums, and it can be used on both desktop and mobile.

Apple Music

Apple Music is no longer exclusive to Apple devices. You can now access it on other platforms, such as on Android. The major downside to Apple Music is that there is no free version; you have to pay to use it.

Apple Music works seamlessly with Apple hardware, which makes it the best option if you own an Apple device. It also has a huge selection of content, from radio stations to albums and podcasts. Like Spotify, you can share playlists with your friends and family.


youtube logo

YouTube is one of the oldest and most popular music streaming services on the internet. YouTube’s a very convenient streaming option if you have an Android phone. You can also access YouTube on iOS. YouTube also offers location-based playlists.

Another of YouTube’s benefits is the ability to download its videos and convert them to MP3 format. For years, MP3 YouTube downloaders have allowed people to access their favorite music on the go, without an internet connection. It’s important that you make sure you do not download copyrighted videos, as this can be illegal.


Deezer is an application with a vast music catalog, a good range of podcasts, and an easy-to-use interface. However, it doesn’t offer high-resolution streaming. Deezer is also one of the oldest music streaming services. Deezer’s expansive music catalogue is offered for a modest $10 a month. You can also access some of it for free.

Amazon Music

If you use Amazon Prime, then you might want to consider using Amazon’s music service, Amazon Music Unlimited. As part of Prime membership, you get access to Prime Music. However, if you want to access larger libraries of music, then you should upgrade to Amazon Music Unlimited. HD music, as of May this year, is now included as part of the service for no extra cost.

Amazon’s membership is growing rapidly. Their library of music is huge. If you’re already an Amazon customer, then it’s definitely worth exploring Prime Music, and if you like it, it’s worth investing in a Music Unlimited membership.


Primephonic is the application for classical music fans. The application launched in 2017, and, has attracted hundreds of thousands of users. Its music database offers over 3.5 million classical songs. It also offers rare tracks impossible to find elsewhere. Its membership is a modest $10 a month. At the moment, there is no desktop application. Despite that, it is still a great application to have on your phone. You can also listen to music offline.

If you’re fanatical about music, then you will probably already be familiar with many of the services listed here. Only a few of the services listed here, however, allow you to listen to music wherever you are and without internet connections. That definitely makes them more superior, and more worth your time.


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