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How phones help journalists with their work

The journalists sets their own rhythm and finds their own ways to stay productive, but are tools that can make this process for workers of media a little easier.


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The work of journalists has become more challenging lately. And it is not only because there are more flashpoints in the world nowadays, but also because we live in times of consumerism. Often news is delivered in re-time mode. It means people want more fresh news and faster as if they never get enough information.

If a journalist wants to stay on top, they should provide interesting material quickly. However, it is not enough to write an interesting article. It has to be SEO optimized to be shown to a wider audience. And it means it takes more time. In addition, in the stream of information, it is very important to stay true and honest, provide proves, such as quotes, for example, for reliable resources.

Of course, each particular journalist sets their own rhythm and finds their own ways to stay productive. However, there are tools that can make this process for workers of media a little easier. Dictaphone recorders will probably be forgotten very soon since digital development touched on journalism as well. There is hardware that allows making quality recordings and converting audio to text.

There are a lot of transcription services online. However, it is difficult to find a trustworthy and reliable one that does audio to text transcription in time, without mistakes and omissions. Well, transcribing the audio is the second part of working with the material. Let’s first see the productivity tools that help journalists do their job faster and better.

How do you make your smartphone your best work assistant?

Everybody knows that recording interviews are something that journalists do most often. Smartphones allow doing it a lot better with better quality. Besides, anyone has a smartphone in their pockets, so you can not only use it for making calls and texting but also turn it into your work assistant. Thanks to the digital developments, you don’t have to limit yourself by the list of programs installed on your phone. No matter what kind of gadget you have, you can choose and download an app that suits you best.

How does automated transcription software help?

Time is the most valuable resource nowadays. So, it is very important to have more of this resource. Transcription tools help journalists save more time for perfecting their articles and publish them faster.

In some cases, such software can save money. Yes, you do pay for the service, but it is cheaper than having it done by an online transcriber. If you have a clear and understandable audio recording, such an app can be a great solution.


It is considered the best choice for those using iOS. A journalist uses an app to record the material and then send it to Trint for transcription. If there is a need to emphasize the key points, one just adds a bookmark to a certain part of the interview with the marker button. During transcription, one can see such marks.

It is pretty easy to use the transcription application. Once the transcription is done, other people in the newsroom receive this Trint, check it, adjust and publish it. This is a very fast way to deliver fresh news. This application is available for a free trial.


This app allows a journalist to make notes in both audio and text format. It is also possible to add photos and audio to any note, make marks, and share it with other devices. Everyone has cloud storage that allows you working with your notes from your phone and desktop PC.


This app is suitable for Android and iOS. With its help, you can record the call you are about to make or the one that is in progress. You will be able to see the recording right after the call is finished and send it as an mp3 file if you need it.

Sure, modern technologies make our lives much easier. But there are cases when an app can not cope with the task. For example, there is a lot of background noise, or the person you are interviewing does not have a clear pronunciation or speaks way too fast. This is the case when you will need to use professional human transcribers.

Transcriberry has proven itself to be a trustworthy service that provides all kinds of transcribing services at affordable prices. With them, you can be sure the transcription will be done quickly and accurately. In addition, all the information you provide to them will be safe and secure since they understand how important it is to keep things confidential.

No matter what you choose for your work, make sure that it does not complicate your life.


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