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How does dynamic currency conversion work?

Dynamic currency conversion is a process when the conversion of the purchase price is carried out by the seller using the card terminal.


dynamic currency conversion

Dynamic currency conversion is a process when the conversion of the purchase price is carried out by the seller using the card terminal. The transaction is converted into the currency of the country where the payment card was used. The mentioned service is provided to the customer when she/he pays abroad with a plastic card and its currency differs from the national currency of the region where the goods are paid for. Such a process usually includes a service charge. There is a one-time conversion that allows a client to spend less money and check out all expenses. This service is provided by the rules of payment systems and the conversion itself is not carried out at the rate of the payment system or card issuer, but only at the rate of the bank servicing the ATM or point of sale (acquiring bank). The offer is indicated on the ATM screen or announced by the cashier at the marketplace.

DCC’s Essence

When the cardholder is ready to defray, he/she uses the card. If the technical assistant discovers that it has dealings with a foreign card, then the whole process will be made via the DCC provider, which can offer the relevant service. The consumer can pay with his/her national currency but the DCC provider will perform all the financial manipulation to transfer the amount of money in local currency to the seller’s account. The mentioned provider carries a risk and uses secure channels to encrypt information and increase the electronic protection of the cash. The Corefy Company has a proven

reputation so do its best to reach success in such a sphere and become a reliable outsourced partner. Pay attention that the DCC is a part of routing and cascading. Such innovative digital solutions help get expanded results for your business.

Routing and Cascading

The implemented products will help

Reach high conversion and critical financial revenue.

  • Make certain of the real-time cost optimization.
  • High-up the online protection level and increase the capability to secure data from fraud (also for mobile solutions).
  • Save additional transactions via the vendor switching.
  • Develop relationships with financial institutions.
  • Leverage the multicurrency, various payment methods, graphical scheme editor, etc.

Innovative dynamic currency conversion processing is fully transparent and contains such routing conditions as card type/brand, issuer, geolocation, metadata, currency, CVV, store, and amount identification. Offered smart processing also can boast scalability because the Corefy Company has various global solutions for better business management, such as recurring tokens routing, triggers, P2P routing, etc. The specified organization keeps an eye on modern developers’ trends, so integrate forward-thinking changes in order to strengthen the business. The customer doesn’t have to do anything in-person, as the company’s specialists perform point-to-point processes, deliver layered security, and do everything in-house. If you are interested in expertise information and insightful consultations getting, you can contact the corporate employee or visit the web resource ( in case of need.

Market and Economy

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