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How can you recover lost data from a USB flash drive?

Various reputed data recovery software is available on the internet. If you do not want to spend any money, using free data recovery software should be your next step.


woman on laptop with a usb flash drive connected

USB flash drives are among the most commonly used data storage devices that offer ease and portability. Pendrives have become a household name when looking for a data storage device, and almost everyone uses it for their personal and professional storage needs.

Like any other electronic device, USB flash drives can also face damage, leading to your data getting corrupted or lost. Any person who has some necessary data on their flash drive would dread a situation like this. Just imagine a situation, you are working diligently on a Monday night and finished up an important presentation. You saved it onto your pen drive and went back to bed, ready for the next day. But when you try to revise the presentation one last time in the morning, your pen drive isn't working. It somehow got corrupted, and all your precious work is now lost.

Nobody would want to be in a situation like this. Hiring a professional data recovery service would be your only choice in such a case. There are some other things you can do for recovering your lost data:

Stop using the USB device

Using the USB device even when you know there is something wrong would not help you. Please stop using the USB immediately and don't save any more files to it. If you keep using it, it might increase the damage, and your data may become irrecoverable.

Hire a professional if you need the data urgently

If the data you saved onto the USB is critical and you need it urgently, hiring a professional would be wise. Professional USB Data Recovery services offer expertise and fast service wherein the data is required in a short time.

Also, a professional's expertise and experience would help prevent you from doing any experiment that would further damage your device.

Use data recovery software

Various reputed data recovery software is available on the internet that offers expert services for a reasonable price. If you do not want to spend any money, using free data recovery software should be your next step.

Using good data recovery software would get you a quick and easy recovery for your data. Follow these steps to recover data using recovery software:

  1. Download a data reputed data recovery software onto your computer. You can select various software options on the internet, be it a free or a paid one.
  2. Select your USB Flash drive, which is shown as a removable disk, and click scan.
  3. After the software scans through the files, you can filter them to find the data you want to recover. Preview through the data and select the ones you want to restore.
  4. Select the target files and click to restore them onto your computer.

Restore the data using previously created backup

This option will only apply if you have created a backup for your data previously. You can recover that data at a complete success rate with a backup, which states the importance of having backups.

Locate the data on your backup device and save it back onto your computer. You can copy it back to your USB Flash drive to have a portable data storage device.


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