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How can I monitor my child's Snapchat?

Snapchat is a popular application and allows users to share pictures and videos. Still, you may be worried that your child is talking to strangers or sharing personal information.

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Snapchat is a popular application among teenagers. The app allows users to send text messages but also share pictures and videos. Still, you may be worried that your child is talking to strangers or sharing personal information, in which case you start wondering how to monitor Snapchat to keep them safe.

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Why Should You Monitor Your Child’s Snapchat?

Snapchat is a unique application that a lot of teenagers use. People who install it love the fact that it automatically deletes messages from the chat after both users see it and leave the chat. Of course, this applies unless one of the two participants sets messages to delete only after 24 hours.

On Snapchat, users can not only send messages but also send images and videos. It could be fun, but if the child is talking to strangers, sharing too much information, or sending explicit content, it could put them in danger.

A child can be a victim of bullying on Snapchat. Any bully can use the application to send mean and malicious texts to other users, having peace of mind that the messages will get deleted automatically.

Not to mention that Snapchat may also be used for sexting, and if your child does this with strangers, they may be unknowingly talking to a predator.

As a parent, you want to do everything to protect your child from this danger.

How to Monitor Your Child’s Snapchat Most Effectively?

Even though you don’t want to become the parent that invades their child’s privacy, you may still need to know how to monitor the kid’s Snapchat to keep them safe. Fortunately, eyeZy can help you achieve this goal.

eyeZy is an ideal app for monitoring Snapchat. Disappearing messages will no longer be a problem with it because it allows you to see all their conversations and activity. You can use it to get into the child’s Snapchat to see all their multimedia files and messages.

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eyeZy has a Control Panel where you can see text messages and multimedia files whenever you wish, even if snaps disappear in 10 seconds. Even better, it lets you track the date and time of the media files exchanged, but also the duration of the videos sent.

So, if you want to monitor child’s Snapchat, all you have to do is follow these steps:

1. Purchase the eyeZy Application – First things first, you will have to buy eyeZy, but not before choosing the right subscription package for you. Select the one that meets your needs and fill out the billing form. Once the payment is confirmed, you will receive an email.

2. Install the App – Follow the instructions from the mail to install eyeZy. You can contact customer support if you need assistance.

3. Start Monitoring Your Child – When the installation is complete, you can start monitoring messages and files from the eyeZy Control Panel. On Android, to install the feature, you’ll need to root the device, whereas, on iOS, jailbreak is required.

What Else Should Parents Do?

While eyeZy is a very useful app, you can also take other measures to ensure the safety of your children. They need to understand the danger behind these applications.

Before you look into how to monitor your child’s Snapchat, it’s better to take some preventive measures to reduce the risk. Here are some things you can do as a parent:

  • Help Them Make Snapchat Settings – Your child should know how to make certain Snapchat settings in order to avoid risky situations. They should know how to block other users, as well as how to hide their location. In terms of story sharing, Snapchat allows users to post things to their personal stories or Our Story. The latter is public, so kids should know the difference between the two and understand how risky public stories could be.
  • Talk to Your Child – It’s essential to have a serious talk with your kid about online safety. They need to understand that not everyone on the Internet is their friend or cares about their well-being. Your child should also know about the permanence of things shared through social media apps. For instance, if they send explicit pictures or videos of themselves, anyone can take screenshots and use them to ruin the child’s reputation and life.


Children may be thinking, “can my parents see my Snapchats?” and they will do everything to hide their activity to avoid being scolded. Therefore, you should talk to them about the dangers of the online app and use eyeZy to track their Snapchat messages and multimedia files if necessary.

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