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Here's how new mobile technology trends are changing app development

This means that mobile technology has evolved towards simple interfaces and lightning-quick mobile sites


With new mobile technology comes new app development trends. Learn how new tech is changing the way apps are made!

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A lot of new apps hit the app store every day - in fact, some metrics show that app creators upload an average of 250 apps a day.

With this staggering amount of apps being created daily, it can be a huge challenge getting an app noticed.

However, the way we make apps changes as quickly as the app store does, with a new app creator or development tool available every day.

That's why we've created this quick primer on how app development is changing with advances in mobile technology.

Ready to learn? Let's jump in.

Easy to use, Easy to make

Mobile app developers have heard the people: they want things to be easy. However, this doesn't only apply to the people using the app, but also for companies and organizations who want their own apps.

Ease of use

It seems obvious that people want their apps to be intuitive. No one wants to open an interface for a booking app, for example, and spend the next half an hour trying fruitlessly to book a haircut.

This means that mobile technology has evolved towards simple interfaces and lightning-quick mobile sites. Say goodbye to massive menus and millions of options.

This also means the downloading process needs to be simple. With cloud-based services, it's now easier than ever to download an app, as well as re-downloading older apps.

Ease of design

New mobile technology also ushers in an era of the so-called "what you see is what you get" app creator. Instead of writing complicated code, app creators present the designer with a variety of drag-and-drop assets like buttons and menus.

These can be arranged in whatever order the user wants, streamlining the app design process to its most basic level.

Originally, these tools felt limited, but as they become more sophisticated, so too does the final product.

Real-Life incorporation

The success of apps like Snapchat and Pokemon Go signal the beginning of a virtual-and-real-life mesh that's as futuristic as it is fun.

These mobile technologies, usually called "augmented reality" or "AR," haven't shown themselves to be heavily used just yet.

However, due to the massive popularity of the ones that exist, we could be seeing AR take an increased role in the future of mobile app development.

The "Internet of Things"

In today's mobile world, more devices than ever connect to the internet. There are even WiFi-connected washing machines.

The growing network of connected devices in our world is sometimes referred to as the "Internet of Things," and the phenomenon plays a huge role in modern app development.

Mobile technology is no longer just a matter of games and social networks - it's now possible to control your entire home's temperature and lighting via apps.

Like it or not, the Internet of Things is here to stay.

Now what?

When it comes to mobile technology, learning more can be a bit daunting. Feel free to check out our other articles on app design and development to learn more about the future of mobile apps.

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