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Gift giving guide: 8 great gifts for the technology lover in your life

Do you have viable ideas in mind? Our guide has listed some of the top great gifts that you can give to your techie lover.


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About 80% of polled Americans reported feeling joyful when receiving or buying gifts for others. With a wide range of gifts to choose from, it is crucial to opt for one that the recipient resonates with. If you have a technology lover that you want to surprise with gift-giving, be creative.

You need to consider gift giving ideas that are technology-related. Do you have viable ideas in mind? Our guide has listed some of the top great gifts that you can give to your techie lover.

1. Bedside Smartphone Vase

The bedside smartphone vase is one of those pieces that will make a techie's bedroom outstanding. It fuses function and form, leading to the creation of a bespoke and chic décor piece. This vase integrates a phone stand, making it easy for users to charge their phones by having the cord nestled at the bottom of the vase stand.

Given that phone cords can be unsightly, especially in a room where one has focused on the aesthetics, the bedside smartphone vase can come in handy. It hides these cords to improve a room's appearance while remaining highly functional.

2. iPhone Cases

Technology lovers would do anything to protect their gadgets. If your loved one uses an iPhone (which is almost a given!), the best gift-giving idea would be an iPhone case. Just like the Apple devices, the cases don't come cheap as they are made using high-grade silicon for better phone molding.

Chances are that the technology lover you're gifting has been eyeing the case. Anything that protects the phone's back, edges, and corners would be a welcomed gift. Given the available iPhone cases available, you won’t miss one that will intrigue the techie!

3. Powerbeats Wireless Earbuds

Does your recipient love to listen to music or podcasts on their iPhone? You might want to give a gift that makes their leisure activity more pleasurable. The Powerbeats wireless earbuds are a great gift idea.

These wireless earbuds are comfortable, lightweight, and can deliver high-quality sound. They are compatible with Apple devices, thanks to the wireless chip. You can check out their range of colors, which are red, white, and black.

4. Tile Pro

Did you know that the average American spends like 2.5 days every year searching for misplaced items? House and car keys are some of the commonly misplaced items. Unfortunately, these lost items cause people to spend $2.7 billion every year in replacement costs.

Here's is a golden chance to make your loved one not to be part of these statistics! Tile Pro is an awesome gift for someone who has been losing their keys or even wallet. Tile Pro refers to a small, durable, and waterproof device with Bluetooth to track some of the easily lost items like keys.

5. Airselfie Flying Camera

Taking selfies has become almost a culture for everyone. However, it's often a struggle to capture the perfect selfie, especially with a group of friends. The technology lover in your life faces this dilemma too!

If you want gift-giving ideas that will solve this mystery, the Airselfie flying camera is the answer. This device is a small drone with propellers, visual sensors, and a power switch that you have to hold to ensure that you toggle power.

This perfect gift is the ideal way to ensure that your loved one captures every moment without asking a stranger now and then to take a photo of them. What an affordable way to have a personal photographer!

6. Smart WiFi Power Strip

With the increasing use of smart devices, one of the gift-giving ideas you'd want to embrace includes WiFi smart power strips. Any tech enthusiast would do with the convenience

brought about by this technology. The strip allows one to monitor, control, and manage devices from anywhere, anytime.

The best part is that these WiFi smart power strips come with in-built surge protection for electronics' maximum safety. Today, the market has a range of smart WiFi power strips to choose from. If you know more about your intended recipient's needs, it will be easier to choose a gift that would suit their needs.

7. Wake up Light Alarm Clock

The typical alarm sound is never pleasant! Besides cutting short your dream rudely, it might end up waking up other unintended parties. For this reason, a wake up light alarm clock would be the best bet.

The sunrise alarm clock such as the Philips' Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock illuminates the room to resemble the morning light. You'll then wake up softly without dealing with the buzzing and beeping noise of the typical alarm clock. This alarm clock is the best gift for someone who wakes up early in the morning, probably to catch a class or go to work.

8. Fitbit Smart Watch

Do you have health and fitness goals for 2021? So does your giftee! One of the most thoughtful gift-giving ideas that you can consider is a Fitbit smartwatch. The Fitbit Versa 2 Smartwatch comes with a built-in Alexa.

This smart device tracks your sleep stages, exercise, and heart rate. It then provides practical insights to help with your health and fitness journey. The best part is that you can pair it with your iPhone, Android, or Windows.

Gift Giving Is a Fulfilling Activity

If you’re planning to gift a technology lover, you have to think beyond the typical gifts. Gift giving for tech lovers ought to consider what the recipient would find relevant. The ideas are endless, and you don't have to stick to the traditional postcard and flowers!

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