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Gaming genres best played on mobile

Here are a few of the gaming genres that could be more enjoyable being played on a smartphone rather than a big screen.


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Mobile phones have no doubt made many innovations possible and also brought gaming into the mainstream. Games developed for mobile mostly came from small unknown companies, however, many giants of the industry also saw the potential of mobile games. Big names like Activision Blizzard, Electronic Arts and Epic Games are also starting to develop and port many of their games to this new platform. Below are a few of the gaming genres that could be more enjoyable being played on a smartphone rather than a big screen.

Role Playing Games

It’s no mystery that RPG games are some of the most played type of mobile game. Many players find this genre appealing due to its progressive nature. They are wonderful story driven experiences in which the player takes on the role of character, or creates his own personal character through which they can experience the world. Some examples of amazing role playing games are Final Fantasy, Arcane Quest and Baldur’s Gate.

Adventure Games

Adventure games don’t really fit into a particular genre, rather they borrow elements from many different games, making the experience more unique than other games. These are some of the most enjoyable games out there. It often involves the player running and collecting gems, discovering secret places and often encourages the player to drift off the main path and unlock new areas. Puzzles are also present in these games. If you are the type who enjoys adventure games, a great place to start would be checking out some games released by the Czeth studio Amanita Design.

Amanita Design creates some of the most beautiful and interesting worlds ever. They are eerie, mysterious, and weird at the same time. If you are looking for something different than your usual adventure games, be sure to check out Machinarium, which is an iconic game from Amanita Design.

Slot Games

Nobody could have predicted online casino games to become as well known as they are. Casino games were developed for the online space since the internet started to become available in most households. The most played type of casino games are of course, slot games. Each online casino offers a large collection of games that are playable almost instantly. The individual games come with their own unique theme and art design which are gorgeous to look at. Also, the sound and special effects of these slots are amazing and make it a more enjoyable experience.

To offer an example of a beautifully crafted slot game, look no further than Book of Ra. The game comes with an Egyptian theme and contains elements borrowed from the movie Indiana Jones. It has five spinning reels and all of them feature beautifully crafted Egyptian symbols instead of traditional fruit symbols found in old-school slot games.

Sport Games

Without a doubt, sport games are another genre that is quite appealing to the masses, especially for sport enthusiast. These games give you the pleasure of participating in a sport event from the comfort of your own chair. Sport games have been around the gaming world from the early days and they were also some of the first games to make their way to mobile.


The number of games available on mobile demonstrates that there is a game out there for anybody with a smartphone. There are still many people who prefer playing on consoles rather than a smartphone due to a larger screen. However, a console does not offer the same convenience as a mobile phone. Being a mobile gamer lets you have access to your favorite games all the time, that is why many developers look at mobile gaming as the future of the industry.

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