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Galaxy Note 2 earns battery that lasts three months and 256GB external memory

User jerry-rigged his Galaxy Note 2 phone allowing 16 times more external memory and 8500 mAh battery


People's creativity goes beyond that. A proof of this is a modification made on a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 which received a 8500 mAh battery that lasts about three months in standby mode and 256GB external memory.

tuning galaxy note 2

It was connected to device an electronic filament for attaching a card slot that supports 256GB cards, enough capacity to store about 1.5 million mp3 files.

The author is a member of the famous XDA Developers forum who posted the photos of his modified device in a forum post.

The phone's owner also said he bought the memory card for $500 and the 8500 mAh battery on eBay. The model has undergone changes was a GT-N7102, Dual SIM version of the Galaxy Note 2 only sold in China.

tuning galaxy note 2

Because of the battery size, the Galaxy Note 2 could not be closed with the traditional phone's cover which also needed adjustments (jerry-rigg) to close.

The modifications are not recommended by Samsung that says that the warranty is lost in these cases, but we thought it was cool, what did you think?