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From Tablets to Smartphones: Capabilities and the best size for you

Today there is a computer for every size and need. Let’s break down everything from tablets to smart watches and the best use cases for them.


a tablet showing a smartphone showing a smartwatch

Computers of the past used to be so large they covered an entire wall in a room. Then we managed to make desktops computers and thought that was a great evolution. Now, we have pocket sized computers that are magnitudes more powerful than the previous examples and are capable of wondrous things. Today there is a computer for every size and need. Let’s break down everything from tablets to smart watches and the best use cases for them.


Apple in all its wisdom created a new class of computer that we didn’t even know we needed. We had desktops, laptops, and now smartphones, but they realized that there was some utility for a size that was between a MacBook and iPhone.

Tablets have found a home among hobbyists that appreciate the bigger screen and more intuitive controls. Everyone from digital artists to online chess and online poker players may prefer to use a tablet, especially because they allow users more freedom of movement. While some users may not want to be stuck at home all the time, but still need an adequate screen for their work, the tablet makes a perfect in-between that doesn’t compromise.

Even writers and journalists can make use of tablets by bringing a stand and external keyboard. The result is a package that is lighter, just as functional, and much more affordable than a laptop. This affordable price allows you to worry less about the device. If it is stolen or misplaced, you aren’t distraught over replacing it.

This is a device you can give to your children to watch YouTube videos. It’s a handy computer that baseball and football players use to watch replays on the bench. They can be a universal remote, a cash register, or a second screen when you need to add on to your home computer setup. The options are limitless.


Smartphones are the ultimate in personal devices and frankly, it is the most crucial possession in the world today. Nothing else has as much daily importance as our smartphones. Even within this category there are countless different sizes and shapes to suit your needs. Not everyone wants to carry around a tablet or laptop, so smartphones have taken center stage as a powerful device that can fit right in your pocket.

Speaking strictly of professionals and their uses, smartphones have unlimited potential. Aside from the standard calling/texting/social media uses, there is a lot more that these devices can do. How many careers revolve around taking pictures of products, listing them online, responding to customer feedback, and categorizing notes and information? All of this can be done from this one central device.

Even blue collar workers are discovering the benefits. For electricians, HVAC service agents, and other tradesmen, there are numerous apps that can function as a quick resource to check the proper measurements, voltages, or whatever else they may need. Larger models like a Samsung Galaxy Note can even be used for those that require more screen real estate. Of course, everyone knows by now how useful smartphones can be and luckily they are only getting better every year.


woman's hand touching pink smartwatch

Smartwatches are the one device that everyone swears they don’t need, then they end up using every day. Luckily, it’s easier than ever to find a great smartwatch for yourself. Sure there was a

time where critics asked, “what's the point?” However, like any new technology, we are still in the early stages where we are just beginning to realize the capabilities of these unique products.

Smartwatches function as a handy travel device that allows you to make quick decisions and get necessary information in real time. Instead of constantly pulling out your phone you can quickly see who’s calling, read incoming texts and social media messages, weather forecasts, directions and lots, lots more.

The utility of smartwatches often comes from their integral nature with our own bodies. For health focused individuals, these devices work great to track our steps throughout the day as well as give live information about our heart rate or even sleep monitoring. The smart watch is whatever you make it and they have legions of fans already.

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