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Flyte review - Investing and banking platform

Do you want to secure a prosperous financial future for your kids? Then look no further than Flyte investing app with which you can easily set up a custodial account for your child.

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Flyte investing for kids is the number 1 app that allows you to quickly set up a custodial account for your child and invest in a range of assets including stocks, crypto, and ETFs. In this review, we will explain exactly how this investing app works and all its features.

What Is Flyte Platform?

Flyte is an online brokerage platform that makes it easy to set up an investment account and savings account for your kids. On the Flyte platform, you can invest in shares, bonds, cryptocurrency, and other assets on behalf of your children. Flyte can also provide your child with their very own Mastercard!

How Does It Work?

Flyte makes investing for kids simple! All you need to do is create an account under your child’s name and within 5 minutes you will have a fully established free custodial account. Then just add funds to the account and you can start purchasing stocks and other assets with zero trading fees.

You can provide your child with their very own Flyte login but they won’t be able to make any trades or transfer money without your approval. Then once your kid turns 18 or 21 depending on your state the custodial account will be automatically transferred to them.

Flyte also works as an online bank account. You can get a Flyte card issued in your child’s name and your kid can use this card to make offline and online purchases with zero fees. You can place restrictions on their spending and control everything through the Flyte app.

Flyte Features

Flyte is the best app to invest in stocks, bonds, ETFs, and crypto! However, it is more than just a trading platform and has a number of features that can help your children build a prosperous and stress-free future. Flyte is safe, easy to use, and fast. Check out the features it offers below.

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Financial Literacy

This investing account for beginners is an amazing way to teach your children how money works. Via practical examples you can show them what investing is, the different assets you can purchase, how you can make money in the stock market, and various investing strategies.

By exposing your children to investing from a young age they have a massive advantage over their peers. Just think how much extra money you would have if you started investing 10 years earlier than you did!

Flyte is also a great way to teach your children about the power of saving. With their very own bank account, your kid can create their own budget and develop their own saving goals. You can set up monthly saving challenges and show them the importance of financial discipline. The earlier

you teach your kids about finance the more likely they are going to stick to these good habits throughout adulthood.

Crypto Investing

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Crypto is one of the hottest asset classes and has seen huge returns over the last few years. With Flyte, you can invest in a range of cryptocurrencies while enjoying zero trading fees! Some of the coins you can invest in include Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

Flyte makes investing in cryptocurrency easy as you don’t have to deal with shady crypto exchanges and worry about crypto wallets. Flyte takes care of everything and ensures your investment is secure. With this crypto account for minors, you can purchase coins instantly!

Savings Account for Baby

Another amazing feature of Flyte is the ability to set up a savings account for your child. You can use it to set up your kid’s financial future so they can put a down payment on their first home or pay for college. With the savings account, you can restrict certain types of spending and set budgets for your child. You can also create saving goals.

Even better, the savings account comes with a free Mastercard! Your kid can use the Mastercard to make fee-free purchases online and offline!

Is Flyte App Safe?

Flyte is a fully licensed online brokerage that leverages the latest encryption to keep your funds and payment details safe. Also, all Flyte investments are insured up to $500,000 and deposits are insured up to $250,000 so you can rest easy knowing your money is protected.

The Bottom Line

Do you want to set up your child’s financial future while teaching them about the power of saving and investing? Then use Flyte to create a custodial account within minutes! At Flyte, you can purchase stocks, bonds, and crypto on behalf of your child, and then when they turn 18 or 21 years old the account will be automatically transferred to them. The earlier you start investing for your child, the better, so create your Flyte account today!


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