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Finding love: How technology can give you a boost on Facebook Dating

Facebook Dating is another product of today’s technology that you can take complete advantage of.


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A startling 51% of Americans aged 18-34 do not have a romantic partner but are actively looking, according to the General Social Survey. So Facebook, the social media giant, is stepping in to play cupid. Of course, instead of just creating or curating a profile on FB, you can make use of technology to boost your appeal. So how exactly can tech give you an edge in Facebook Dating?

Instagram Curation

What makes FB dating a bit more special than other dating platforms out there is the fact that users Facebook has other apps it can integrate into the service. For example, Instagram, a Facebook-owned app, will be linked to FB dating, says Allison Matyus of Digital Trends. This link allows users to combine their IG stories to their FB dating profile. So it makes it easier for you to curate the content that you feel puts your best foot forward. The link also grants access to followers and other profiles that you can add to your “crush” list. So it also opens up more potential connections for you.

Followers/Desirability Ratio

People place a high value on appeal, whether it’s physical, emotional, or social, according to Rachel Kitson, Ph.D. So a social media platform like Facebook and its dating branch actually provides a good environment to establish and peruse desirability in yourself and in others. Social desirability is often measured with engagement—the number of likes, followers, friends, and comments. If your social desirability needs a bit of help, there are avenues for you to pursue, according to Social Media Daily. You can boost your likes and other social media engagements with no one being the wiser. So that way, not only do you get some clout but you also increase your chances of appearing to be desirable.

Event Notification and Similarities

Much like regular Facebook, FB dating allows its users to add or show interest in any upcoming or current events that are occurring nearby. You can use that to your advantage by allowing the app to notify you if you have any “secret crushes” or matches that signed up or showed interest in the same event as yourself. Having points of similarities give you a psychological boost and a healthy bedrock for a future relationship, according to Gwendolyn Seidman Ph.D. It gives you a clear indicator of what events are “in” and which ones align with your personal interests. You can also use event pages as a way to interact with other people attending so you can judge if it’s a good place or time to set up a meeting or date.

Facebook Dating is another product of today’s technology that you can take complete advantage of. Instead of having to go through the sheer awkwardness of creating a strict dating profile, you can simply make use of a platform that you’re already on. So take a chance and use other forms to technology to help boost your FB dating life and you just might be surprised at the romantic connections you end up forming.

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