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Features of the app for learning languages ​​Promova

Attending courses takes time, which sometimes simply does not exist. But you can download the application and learn words every day, train in pronunciation and memorize the rules.


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Almost anyone can tell a story about how they started learning a language and failed. The first piece of advice teachers give is to keep practicing. But attending courses takes time, which sometimes simply does not exist. But you can download the application and learn words every day, train in pronunciation and memorize the rules. The ​​Promova Language Learning App for different levels of foreign language proficiency will help you train on your own.

Application Overview

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The developers of this mobile application used a special scientific technique that allows you to effectively replenish your vocabulary with foreign words. The application uses techniques that allow users to train different aspects of their memory in the game mode. What is involved in training:

  • visual memory;
  • repetition and consolidation of new material;
  • quick recollection.

The application offers you a comprehensive approach to learning. At Promova, you will find a variety of language courses, each covering four core skills: reading, listening, speaking, and writing. Separately, one can note the approach of the creators to conversational practice. Here they do not just repeat the phrases they hear but communicate with native speakers in real-time.

Advantages of Promova among similar services

Users highly appreciate Promov due to the huge database of audio and video recordings that demonstrate the pronunciation of native speakers, as well as due to the variety of tests and listening exercises.

This application is for those who are going to take a full-fledged curriculum. The materials are divided into lessons, each lesson has blocks:

  • to learn new words
  • new material
  • grammar practice and consolidation of new vocabulary with examples
  • additional exercises.

In the app format, it's easy to practice learning new words, reading, grammar, and writing. These are skills for which you don't necessarily need a mentor. But there are not so many programs for practicing spoken English and improving pronunciation. Promova is one of the few good examples.

You get access to courses in two dozen languages. Lessons offered include word quizzes, speaking, listening practice, and grammar. An important feature is the ability to practice the language by communicating with native speakers in real-time. On this site, you can hone your pronunciation. Often, when learning languages, people do not pay due attention to pronunciation. It is better to start working on intonations and complex sounds right away.

This program is your guarantee of an endless learning experience. You will memorize new words, practice spelling and listening comprehension. The program is suitable for users of any level of language proficiency: from elementary to advanced.

Foreign languages ​​in a company with the Promova online platform become understandable and accessible, and in order to always find time and place for language classes, you can download a mobile application with which learning will become even more comfortable.


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